Today, most nurses, doctors and lab technicians wear medical scrubs. They usually wear them on hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities not only because it is required but also because they ensure comfort and protection throughout the shift. Pediatric nurses often wear medical scrubs with fun designs like cartoon characters in order to provide a more relaxed environment to their young patients. Nursing scrubs are probably the most common type of scrubs. They are usually worn by nurses assigned on different departments. They also come in the form of disposable scrubs.

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Materials Used

In terms of materials, cotton is the most preferable choice among medical scrubs. However, cotton scrubs tend to wrinkle and stain easily than those made from polyester. Microfiber scrubs make a good choice as well since they hang nicely and are soft in texture.

Selection Tips

The following selection tips will guide you in selecting the best and most comfortable medical scrubs.

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  • The first thing that you need to pay attention to is right scrub sizing. For a professional look that lasts throughout the shift, choose a well-fitted medical scrub. Selecting a wrinkle-free material is recommended as well, as it will give you a fresher look for longer hours.
  • Choose a coordinating color and pattern for a more synchronized look. This is very essential, especially if you are a nurse working on the pediatric department. Avoid black and red colors as much as possible, as these colors are often associated with fear.
  • After size and color, the next important thing to look at is the scrub’s durability. Ideally, a scrub should be able to withstand daily washing and wearing. In the market, you will find lots of cheap medical scrubs available today that are durable enough for daily use.
  • Picking a specific style is important as well. Make sure you choose the style suited for your medical position and the best place for you to go is online. On the internet, you will find loads of choices on medical scrubs in different cuts. Checkout Koi scrub pants if you want extreme comfort and stylish designs. Available in different figure-flattering cuts, these pants make a perfect pair for everyone.

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In most cases, the employer purchases wholesale medical scrubs and distribute them to their employees. But in some instances, the individual working in a medical facility can choose his or her medical scrubs in local scrub stores or online shopping websites that offers discount medical scrubs. Having a guide in selecting and purchasing these scrubs is really essential. For a longer and easy shift, choose and buy wisely the most comfortable medical scrubs.

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