Fish oil is one very important nutrient for the development and maintenance of one’s health. These supplements are, therefore, essential for all those individuals who do not take sea food. The best fish oil supplements are those containing omega-3, which is vital for the development of the brain, heart and immune system.

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Brief History and Top Brands

In the olden days, our ancestors noted that consuming fish made one smarter. Later on in the 1770s, England produced the cod liver oil based of the ancestors’ beliefs and the results were good. Cod liver oil was then branded as a miracle cure despite its terrible taste. Today, however, innovations have led to the improvement of cod liver oil to omega 3 oils that are being used and have a much better taste. Some of the best fish oil supplement brands used today includes:

  • Nature’s Bounty fish oil supplements
  • Nature’s Made fish oil supplements
  • Longs Drugs fish oil supplements
  • Omega care fish oil supplements

Nature’s Bounty is a company that offers a variety of fish oils that enable one get the recommended nutritional needs required by an individual for a healthy body. The fish oil supplements that they market are suitable for all body types and ages. They guarantee optimal health since they contain EPA and DPA that maintain and support the various systems of the body. These are just some of the reasons why this brand is one of the best fish oil supplements. Aside from the mentioned brands, there are still other kinds of fish oil supplements in the market that have unique fish oil products. Some of these brands are:

  • Finest Natural fish oil supplements – These supplements have no artificial coloring or flavoring and are very trusted, thus considered to be as one of the best fish oil supplements.
  • Iceland Health fish oil supplement – This supplement is free of contaminants like mercury.
  • Natrol fish oil supplements – Natrol fish oil supplements support and ensure that bones, heart and eyes are healthy.
  • Schiff fish oil supplements – Fish oil supplements of this brand have no tastes, odors, toxins, sugars, artificial flavorings and colorings.

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Selection Tips

Choosing the best fish oil supplement can at times be a difficult task, especially for an individual who does not know what to look for in fish oil supplements. The following are some of the things one should consider when looking for these supplements.

  • Certificate of analysis
  • Third party tested products are always the best.
  • Go for fish oil that has been obtained from sardine, anchovy and mackerel.
  • Ensure to buy pharmaceutical fish oils that have been approved by FDA.

It is important to purchase the best fish oil supplement as they don’t only benefit adults but also children. Avail of the benefits the best fish oil supplements and keep your family’s health on its optimal level.