Summer is the season everyone loves, not just because of the beautiful sunny weather, but also because it’s the best season to go to beaches! There are plenty of things that people love about the summer, and while most men love it because of the water sports, most women do because they get to show off their bodies… in their latest bathing suits, of course. Bathing suit, bikini, swim wear, whatever you call it, women go crazy for them during the summer especially designer swimwear. But since women have different body types, some find it hard to look for the best bathing suits that will look flattering on their body.

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For Women With Small Breasts

Look for swimwear that has at least some padding or under wire which will help emphasize your chest area more. These types of swimwear also helps shape your breasts. Pick bikinis or two-piece bathing suits over one-piece bathing suits since they look better on your body. Small bikini tops is also perfect for this body type, aside from that, you can also opt for a bandeau, especially since designer bathing suits seem to have started a trend on fringe bandeau bikini.

For Women With Large Breasts

Women with this body type often restrict themselves from wearing two-piece bathing suits. They opt for one-piece bathing suits instead. But, the secret is to look for two-piece halter tops, which not only provide support but a cleavage to match. Although, small bikini tops and bandeau tops should be avoided if they want to be able to move properly and have fun on the beach. Designer swimwear is perfect for women with large breasts because the styles and designs tend to look more classy and sophisticated as opposed to cheap, unbranded ones.

For Women With Short Legs Or Upper Body

High cut swimwear always makes a woman seem taller than she actually is. Aside from high cuts, you can also go for swimwear with stripes or one-piece bathing suits with plunging necklines.

For Women With No Waist Or Curves

Swimwear makes it easier to fake curves and waist lines. A high cut swimwear will definitely do the trick, although if you’re not satisfied with that, you can always buy one-piece bathing suits with cutouts on the sides of the torso for an even sexier feel. These help shape a woman’s waist and give her that “hour-glass” figure.

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For Plus Size Women

While you might think that covering up is the best solution, that’s where you’re wrong, opt for swim wear with V or swirling patterns instead or those with dark colors. These styles are great if you’re into designer swimwear since most of them have these styles in every spring/summer collection. You can also go with one-piece bathing suits with cutouts on the sides for a shapelier figure. Sheer cover-ups and bathing suits with lace details or V necklines can definitely help.

Regardless of the body type, women often prefer designer swimwear. But this can be tough on those who are limited to a budget. In that case, always look out for designer bathing suits on sale. Not only will you be able to get that designer swimwear you’ve always wanted, you will be able to save money as well. You’ll pretty much see bathing suits on sale during other seasons, like winter or autumn.