Personal safety is about more than just being cautious, it’s about being proactive and not reactive. Waiting until after a burglary happens to protect the home could mean losing more than tangible items. The victim could lose irreplaceable memories; suffer personal injuries; or worse, lose their sense of safety. Even after tragedy strikes, installing a home alarm system is an investment in a person’s well-being and peace of mind.

Online Reviews for Home Alarm System

Home Alarm System Reviews

Many companies will generate a false home alarm system review to sell their products. In order to purchase the most effective system, it is important to weed through the fluff to the core facts.

Briefly, a reputable home alarm system company will:

1. Explain all up front cost – Sometimes, there is a big difference between the advertised price and the actual costs. Choose a company that provides all costs up front without any hidden fees.

2. Have an interactive system – Since burglars keep up with the changing technology, so should the security company. An interactive system allows you to keep an eye on your home via the internet or cell phone.

3.  Provide a do it yourself alarm – An alarm that you cannot work yourself is useless and ineffective.

Best Home Alarm System

The best home alarm system for your home depends on your needs and budget. Companies offer four basic types of alarms:

1. Hard Wired – The traditional and least expensive way to secure the home. This home alarm system is physically wired to the home and works through the home’s telephone landline.

2. Wireless – It is not hard wired to the home, but still offers maximum security to the homeowners.

3.  Cable – This offers monitoring through the cable’s broadband internet connection. With this type of system, it’s best to have a battery backup for the modem and router in case the home’s electricity is lost for any reason. Unfortunately, cutting the cable lines cuts access to the monitoring center.

4. Cellular – Cellular alarm systems communicate with the central station via a two-way cellular network. Since the system is not run off your cell phone network, the system still runs even when your cell phone signal goes down.

Modern Wireless Home Alarm System

Best Wireless Home Alarm System

A wireless home alarm system is a do-it-yourself home alarm system. It is ideal for those who are renting a home or who plan to move in the near future, because of the following reasons:

  • It runs of the home’s telephone land line and does not require physical damage to the home.
  • Because the components are not physically wired to the home, moving the alarm from house to house is easy.
  • The basic system comes with motion detectors, multipurpose control panels, remote control key fobs and contacts.
  • The kits are expandable to include a greater coverage area and have the ability to be controlled by internet or cell phone.
  • Older homes home with exposed wires are at a greater risk.



Fire Alarm Beeping

Being alerted in case of a fire is just as import as being protected against a burglary. A good home alarm system security package includes fire protection.

Smoke detectors and heat sensors are connected to a central panel. Once a fire or potential fire has been detected, you are alerted by fire alarm beeping. After the danger has been confirmed, proper local authorities are contacted.