Seersucker is a very light fabric and is an ideal choice for the summer because it lets you breathe and stay comfortable in the scorching sun. The fabric is usually used to make seersucker suits worn by men. However, these days seersucker suits for women are also becoming popular. The suits can easily be identified as seersucker suits because of the appearance of the fabric used. It has a very crinkled look, which is its characteristic feature.

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Legend has it that the word seersucker comes from a phrase in the Persian language. “Shir or “shekar” translates to milk and sugar. Here are the events the led to the creation of seersucker suits

  • They came into existence over a century ago, in 1907. Joseph Haspel created it especially for the American workers. He sold the mens seersucker suits as summer wear because they were so comfortable and breathable. The suits don’t need a lot of maintenance and once washed, they don’t need to be ironed.
  • It became more fashionable when Haspel wore his suit to a party after letting it drench in the ocean, and air-drying it. This was a part of his promotion strategy.
  • Because of their comfort level and the low maintenance needed, they were a part of the Army and Navy nurse uniforms during the World War II.

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The Material

The material may be made in different ways. Typically, seersucker suits are made out of cotton fibers but there are variations. These cotton fibers may also be blended with other fibers like:

  • Silk
  • Rayon

The lightweight and the crinkled up texture are the distinguishing features of these seersucker suits. During the weaving process, alternation is carried out so that some of the threads are loose while the others are tightly pulled. This is how the crinkled appearance is achieved. The material also doesn’t stick to the skin and this is another reason why it is perfect for the summer. The fabric also has a number of purposes today and is used to make not just seersucker suits but also jackets, shirts and pants.

These seersucker suits have been popular for quite some time now. Today, they are still part of the fashion world, being used in various clothing items. Even though they were introduced as seersucker suits for men in light shades, the suits have branched out in terms of usage and colors. Women and children can wear the suits too. You can find variations in colors such as the purple suit. For a unique yet comfortable suit, wear this stylish suit on.