When it comes to securing components, metric screws are crucial for this aspect. Even though nails serve a similar purpose, metric screws are even better since they are able to hold the sides of the objects better. Additionally, they do not slide out easily like nails. There are many types of metric screws made for particular purposes.

standard metric machine screw

Types of Metric Screws

Metric machine screws possess machine threads for utilization in a tapped hole or with a nut. They are also known as stove bolts. There are many types of machine screws including pan heads that are slightly rounded and have short vertical sides. Flat heads on the other hand are countersunk, cone-shaped under the head and with a flat top, while the oval head also have countersunk heads with a rounded top.

Metric socket head cap screws, on the other hand, are in great demand in the entire world. They have different engineering as well as industrial applications. There are many suppliers of these metric socket head screws offering innovative products that meet different needs of their clients. To make them fit for different purposes, these screws come in different sizes and shapes. They can be found with round or flat heads. Metric socket head cap screws possess the topmost tensile strength of 180,000 psi. Set screws are different from other types since they have no machine threads and a head for utilization in a tapped hole.

vented stainless steel set screws

Getting the Right Metric Screw

Apart from utilizing the right metric screw, one has to ensure that they are of the correct sizes. Utilizing incorrect size of the screw may have damaging results to the project one is undertaking. Using shorter screws on solid planks of wood is not advised since they can loosen easily due to lack of adequate grip. Alternatively, using longer screws for thinner planks of wood may make the screw penetrate the back.

The metric screw sizes are crucial and there are many units used. The first unit is known as the metric unit. Their sizes normally begin with the letter M. This is the main reason why the screws are known as the M series. Size here normally refers to length of the metric screw, the major diameter and distance between threads.

Sizes of these screws begin with letter M that is then followed by diameter in millimeters. The pitch that follows next is also in millimeters. The two numbers are separated via the multiplication sign which is “x”.

Generally, metric screws are not different from the fasteners using various sizing methods. Therefore, when one shops for them the next time and sees one screw size with the letter M, then one already knows that this is a metric screw.

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Important Facts on Metric Screws

Metric stainless steel screws for a long time have been crucial engineering objects. They are extremely essential especially in construction, aviation and other related industries.

One may ask what the big deal with this material is and why it has become an essential component in the construction industry. When does one require selecting metric stainless screws, metric machine screws, metric set screws, and metric socket head cap screws for a particular project? These are some of the questions that a person needs to be aware of.

  • For ordinary steel – The usual carbon steel metric screw is susceptible to rusting. When this object is exposed to oxygen, it will normally lead to oxidation. This is a chemical reaction between oxygen and the material. Additionally, it is crucial to know that the more corrosive the environment is, the faster this oxidation will happen. Seaside, for example, is more corrosive and metals corrode more quickly.

different types of metric fasteners

Solving Corrosion Problems through Metric Stainless Screws

Owing to the creative people in the industry, metric stainless screws today solve corrosion problems. They contain 11% chromium in the minimum. When mixed with steel, it also oxidizes, but into a very strong and corrosion-resistant chromium oxide film serving as protective covering preventing rust from penetrating steel. They have become crucial in the industry and other reasons for their recognition include:

  • Maintaining their strengths when they are exposed to the extreme temperatures.
  • Simple to clean and attractive to look at since they are stainless.
  • Longer lifespan owing to its anti-corrosive elements.
  • High resistance to magnetic forces.

Metric stainless screws are a clear winner in this particular industry and one is advised to select them because of these super qualities. One has a great deal to choose from: metric machine screws, metric set screws, and metric socket head cap screws among others.