If you are a Scooby Doo fanatic then you probably have met those Scooby Doo villains. These are the characters that actually add up spice and thrill to each movie and TV series which the gang had made. The endless chasing scenes were unforgettable especially when Scooby Doo and Shaggy were just a hand away from those villains’ grasps! Through this article, you will get to meet again those unforgettable Scooby Doo villains.

scooby doo gang villains

Every Scooby Doo movie and TV series was actually packed with mysteries and fun. The laughter that the Scooby gang and Scooby Doo himself brought to their audience is truly remarkable. Each story has its own uniqueness. No wonder each of them was truly loved by Scooby Doo‘s fans. Here is a short list of Scooby Doo villains and what movie they first came out.

– The Tar Monster (First appeared in The Tar Monster, 1978)
– The Pterodactyl Ghost (First appeared in Hang in There Scooby Doo, 1977)
– The Ghost Animals of Africa (First appeared in Safari, 2002)
– The Wax Phantom (First appeared in Don’t Fool with a Phantom, 1970)
– “It” (First appeared in Spooky Space Kook, 1969)
– Ghost Clown (First appeared in Bedlam in the Big Top, 1969)
– The Ghost of Zen-Tuo (First appeared in Mystery Mask Mix-up, 19700
– The Mystery Machine (First appeared in It’s Mean, It’s Green, It’s the Mystery Machine, 2002)
– The Titanic Twist (First appeared in Wrestle Maniacs, 2005)
– The Gold Monster (First appeared in Gold Paw, 2005)

scary scooby doo villains pictures

You could find cool images, videos and even posters of these villains around the net. You could even find short movie clips that have each of these villains in it chasing the gang. There is nothing more hilarious especially when those villains were chasing and attacking Scooby Doo and Shaggy. You can actually see how much Shaggy trembled as well as Scooby Doo. Those villains surely know how to add up spice and thrill to the movie.

So if you want to get those movies and images of Scooby Doo villains, then all you have to do is to make a thorough research around the net. You’d be amazed just how many of those who love this gang and even those villains. Once you collected them all, call your friends and share them and you’d be surprised to find out that you are sharing the same passion as well!