If you are thinking of planning a Scooby Doo themed birthday party for your young one, you are definitely going to need some of the best Scooby Doo birthday supplies. Once you have these supplies, you will be able to create a great birthday party that both your child and the party guests will enjoy.

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The first thing that you are going to need is a Scooby Doo party supplies kit. This Scooby Doo themed party supply kit was recently introduced to the market, and it comes complete with everything that you will need for a party of eight. The elements of the kit include forty-five balloons, a table cover, napkins, cups, dessert plates and paper luncheon plates. If you purchase the deluxe party kit, you will also receive curly ribbons, crepe streamers, a centerpiece and a banner.

You may also choose to decorate the room where the party is being held with materials of your own. If you take on this challenge, you will need more time; however, if done correctly the end results can be just as effective as using a party kit.

If you are using your own materials to decorate the room, you should use the matching colors of Scooby Doo. These colors are blue, lime, and golden yellow, and you may add purple if you like. You can also decorate the room using printouts of the Scooby Doo characters. Make the printouts as big as possible, and ensure that they are printed using colored ink. If there is no colored ink available, you can ask your child and his or her friends to color Scooby Doo printouts. Although this will also take more time, you will be adding something unique to the party, which will make it more memorable.

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If you are not able to purchase a Scooby Doo party supplies kit, you can visit your local convenience or dollar store to get cheap Scooby Doo party supplies. Scooby Doo party supplies that you can purchase include a Scooby Doo themed activities, candles, and party bags.

No birthday party is complete without the traditional game ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey;’ however, you can put your twist on this beloved game, and change it to ‘Pin the Tail on Scooby Doo.’ Due to the fact that young children will be playing the game, you should ensure that you use stickers instead of pins. You will also be able to purchase all the Scooby Doo party supplies online.

Some very important Scooby Doo party supplies that you should ensure are present at the party are the party favors. You can issue out sweets wrapped in Scooby Doo wrapping paper, and you can also make treats for the children that look like dog biscuits.