Women love perfumes. This is the reason why the stores are overwhelmed with fragrance for women today. There are many different scents and these fragrances make for excellent gifts for women. Also, they have become a must-have today because everyone wants to smell great. Though you buy perfumes throughout the year, you surely never thought about the ingredients used. Knowing about the composition of these perfumes can be important at various times. The ingredients used will help you recognize that the brand you are buying is good for you. There might be a few things that can be harmful or potential allergens to you. Here are some information that you should be aware of to help you choose the right perfume when you make your purchase.

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Characteristics of Perfume

  • Essential oils are found in every fragrance for women. They are absolutely important ingredients. Alongside, alcohols are also used. Additionally, about 100 ingredients together make up for one scent for women.
  • It is common knowledge that perfumes for women come in many different fragrances such as woodsy and floral. You can choose according to your choice and preference. You will also find perfumes with a mild earthy smell, which is a proper blend of earthy mist and floral scent. You may not be able to differentiate the earthy from the floral in your bottle of fragrance but removal of either would make a big difference to the scent.
  • Perfume scents are extracted from various aromatic sources such as plant sources, animal sources and even synthetic sources.

Fragrance for women may be both synthetic and natural. This depends on the usage of these ingredients in the perfumes, which they are categorized. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Amber and Oriental Perfumes: These are made from a mixture of resins, woods, spices, musk and flowers. They are quite strong. The other ingredients that may be present are woody amber, spicy amber, citrus and amber. They may be heavy but they are also long lasting.
  • Aquatic Fragrance: This fragrance contains synthetic ingredients that give you a feel of clean air. They are freshening just like the ocean and are made from a good mixture of floral and fruity scents. They are unisex and musk is the most popular.
  • Modern Perfumes: These usually contain chemicals which work to increase the strength. Aldehydes are being included these days in these scents. Floral fragrances are extremely feminine and various flowers may be used. This is why they are particularly fragrance for women and not men. A woman’s fragrance will always have at least a floral tinge to it if not being completely floral.

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After the extraction of materials, blending is done with oils that are mixed with alcohol and water to get the final fragrance for women. This process determines the price of the perfume because it determines it potency. If more oils are used, the price will be more expensive. Fragrances from Marc Jacobs Lola use more oil in their concoction. Thus, choose this type of perfume because it might cost more but when you think of it, you actually save more since the scent is long lasting and you do not need to reapply every once in a while.