Each year there is an occasion where people always spend a lot of their time in making it worth remembering. People would go the distance in outdoing themselves just to come up with great ideas for that certain occasion. Halloween is one of those annual occasions. People of all ages would take advantage of the time to wear the weirdest costume and give some spooky excitement to others. Some would settle on a costume resembling their favorite celebrity, whether dead or alive, while some would push the boundaries of reality and fantasy by wearing the scariest and almost true to life costumes. These will not be pulled off successfully without the help of the scary props.

thrilling animated spell speaking witch

All Time Favorite Scary Props

Scary props have evolved together with the available costumes.  The latest of these are the animated Halloween props where it has successfully copied its real counterpart. But when you are short on budget, there are still conventional ways to create a look that would scare the wits out of people. Here are some of the all time favorite scary props;

  • Bubbling cauldron – the witch is a Halloween character that will always be a theme for a costume. A witch’s broomstick is a natural giveaway but if you want to complete the entire look you should consider a bubbling cauldron. The witch’s bubbling cauldron is one of the most popular scary props that are most suited for decorations. You are going to need a black cast iron pot, LED light (green is preferred) and dry ice.

Place the LED light at the bottom of your cast iron pot. Using protective gloves, fill a bowl with dry ice. Cover the ice with water and put it inside the cauldron. When done correctly, you will be able to create a spooky mist that will give chills to passerby.

  • Fake blood – the sight of blood has always spooked a lot of person especially if it’s dripping from a knife.  You can create these scary props from a red food coloring and corn syrup. The effect is much more realistic as compared to some fake bloods being sold is costume shops. To give it a scarier look, you can put it in a poorly lit place and wait for someone and spook them out of their feet.
  • Ghost illusions – if your budget will allow you then you can purchase animated Halloween props. Their nothing more fulfilling by seeing your friend scream like a girl(it it’s a boy) as a ghost floats out from a spooky looking closet or box.
  • False teeth – anything with pointed and sharp looking teeth will work anytime of the day as your simple and effective scary props. Start with a poker faced look then slowly turn into an almost cruel grin and finish it with a full display of those scary incisors.

spooky fun animated halloween costume

The use of scary props have always been a must have during Halloween. It is great way to spook and be spooked by your friends. It is a tradition that has brought smiles and screams to people of all walks of life.