Do you have a hard time organizing your nail polish collection? Just as your collection of nail polish is growing with the never ending styles coming up, having your own nail polish rack is the solution to keep your storage neat and easy to find. This idea helps you to organize your nail polish in every color and every kind. This will allow you to scan through your colors without having you dig in your endless variety of nail polish.

ideal home nail polish rack

Types of Racks for Nail Polish

There are several types of racks you can see in the market. You can even make your own if you want it tailored according to your unique need. Here are some samples of racks which you can use to organize your fashion collection of nail polish:

  • Nail polish wall rack. This rack in embedded on the wall. It is a permanent structure which is ideal for nail salons and polish stores. To make these racks attractive, lights are installed over it to show the bright-colored nail polish which act as both display and decoration.
  • Wood back nail polish rack for walls. This is a mountable kind of rack where you can hang it or screw it anywhere in your wall. It has a homey yet, chic appearance. Typically, the wooden back has a shiny stainless steel holder to keep the nail polish in place. A regular-sized wall rack like this can hold up to 90 bottles of nail polish.
  • Nail polish acrylic display rack. This is the type of rack you see in the grocery stores where the rack is made of sturdy plastic. The top most level is usually enlarged for advertizing the brand names on the display.
  • Spinning nail polish rack. This charming rack rotates whenever you want to scan through your different colors of nail polish. It is ideal for small spaces where you cannot install wall mounted racks. This type of rack can be made of glass for an elegant display. Store owners invest in this type because it can capture a classy feeling. You can actually make your own spinning racks using pretty glasses plates.

Can You DIY Nail Polish Rack?

Of course, you can custom-made your own rack. You have to decide what type of racks you need. You can choose to make a wall-mounted rack or a spinning rack. For wall mounted rack, here are the things you need:

  • Cutter
  • Wooden ruler
  • Card board
  • Styrofoam
  • Sticks
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Several charming buttons for decoration

best way to store your nail polish

The first thing you have to do is to determine the measurement of your rack. Cut the card board according to your desired size. Then, measure the styrofoam’s length. It should be leveled to each sides of the card board. The thickness should be not less than two inches to make it strong enough in holding your collection. Use the glue to attach it on the card board. To keep nail polish bottles in place, use the sticks. Just measure it according to the size of the styro and stick it on the card board using a glue gun. Decorate your rack the way you wanted it to look like.

Organizing things is fun if you have the right storage. Keep your collection neat by keeping your colorful collection in your nail polish rack. It would be a breeze in making a choice as you can see your base coating, chrome nail polish or glittered nail polish all packed in an organized and orderly manner.