If you own a Sanitaire Heavy Duty vacuum cleaner then you know that these efficient and modern vacuums are only made with genuine Sanitaire vacuum parts, and have been since they were first sold in the 1950s. Sanitaire later came out with a commercial model of their vacuums in 1972 that was sold by Eureaka that was made using Sanitaire commercial vacuum parts that were built to withstand the rigors of cleaning things like hotels, businesses, schools, and health care facilities.

These vacuums were meant to last and ensuring that the parts were all Sanitaire vacuum parts and nothing artificial made it possible for them to last for years and save the companies money. The design of these vacuums made it possible to switch out Sanitaire vacuum cleaner parts and keep the product there in order to save on time, as well as give access to innovative ways to get rid of bags and provide filtration. Their list of Sanitaire vacuum cleaner parts and accessories have a part for just about any sort of cleaning job you may need to undertake.

list of sanitaire commercial vacuum parts

Sanitaire vacuum parts list included attachments for cleaning specialized things like furniture, beds, hard wood floors, and more. These vacuums are so durable that they have been known to last for years with all of the original Sanitaire vacuum parts. Plus, these hard working machines are available in both a canister and an upright format and are compact, and light weight and easy to use, as well as economical to use.

The entire Sanitaire commercial and home use line of vacuums have a sealed HEPA filtration system that manages to get rid of nearly 100 percent of the allergens and pollen in the air and can be an invaluable item in a home where someone has allergies and things must be kept super clean. The use of Sanitaire vacuum parts that only come off of the Sanitaire vacuum parts list will make your comfortable knowing that they care about their products and services enough to provide the very best.

sanitaire vacuum parts list

Sanitaire also makes extractors that have Sanitaire vacuum parts used to clean and shampoo the carpet and get up spots with the quick cleanup spot cleanser. The canister extractor can clean any size room and the upright has efficient motorized scrub brushes for deep cleansing action.

Most of the models of the Sanitaire commercial and home use vacuums come with a two year limited guarantee. All in all, these vacuums have been cleaning homes for more than 50 years and will more than likely be doing so for quite some time to come thanks to genuine Sanitaire vacuum parts.