Samsara perfume was the result of both love and a business decision. First the love: In 1985, Jean Paul Guerlain made a perfume for an Englishwoman who he wanted to seduce. He designed a fragrance loaded with jasmine and sandalwood for her as she loved these scents. She wore this faithfully and people would cross the street and approach her to ask what fragrance this was.

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Now for the business angle: About the same time that Jean Paul was pursuing his English girlfriend, the house of Guerlain was rethinking its business strategy. The house of Guerlain knew that they had to start drawing up a new business model as car manufacturers, jewelers and other companies were starting to sell designer perfumes. Hence, Samsara perfume came to be a permanent line of business in the house of Guerlain.

Samsara perfume for women is an older perfume compared to the newer ones existing nowadays; but if one is looking for a different perfume that she has not tried, this would be something for her to try out. Any woman might like Samsara perfume. One may have to regularly search online as the classic brick and mortar stores may not have the perfume anymore as they once did.

Samsara perfume by Guerlain is more of a sandalwood and jasmine fragrance with several other tones to tone it properly. It won’t be cloying as simple sandalwood, or a just jasmine scent could be. The sandalwood and jasmine together tone each other down to provide a nice scent.

Discount samsara perfume can be found online at many discount and wholesale perfume online shops like One is best to stick with American or Canadian discount perfume stores online as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulates advertising in these places online. Real samsara perfume can be found in US or Canadian discount perfume stores online.

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It is advised that one does not use an overseas discount perfume store to get discount Samsara perfume as she might not get the real perfume. Instead, one can use the North American discount online stores as before they could advertise, they are required to inform the public whether it is the real Samsara perfume, or a mere imitation of it.

Further, in North America, the FTC says that stores have to tell a person whether it is a fake or real perfume. If one shops overseas, these rules do not apply, and the stores are free to say one thing and do another.