Do you know how to make a homemade bug spray? If your answer in no then there are two possibilities for this: either you live with the bugs or you use the artificial bug repellent sprays that contain a lot of toxic chemicals. The two options may be expensive since both of them may lead to health problems and added financial expenses. It is therefore important to learn how to make a homemade bug sprays.

how to make natural bug spray

There are different types of spays that one can make:

Alkaloid Bug Sprays

  • One can pick leaves with alkaloids like the tomato leaves.
  • Soak one cup of the leaves when they have been chopped or blended for a night. The ratio of soaking water to that of the leaves should be two is to one.
  • You should then strain the solution and add two glasses of water to the solution and put it in a spraying bottle. This is mostly used on plants.

Garlic Bug Spray

  • A garlic spray is prepared when one pours water into a spray bottle until it is half filled.
  • You then add the natural witch hazel until the bottle is about four fifths filled.
  • You then add blended garlic that has been strained until it fills up.

Yarrow Alcohol Bug Spray

  • A yarrow alcohol spray is made when you pick the yarrows and put them into a container when they have been chopped.
  • You then pour alcohol, like vodka, until the container is filled. Leave it covered for seven days.
  • After the seven days, pour the liquid through a sieve into the spray bottle and dilute it with equal amount of water.
  • You then should add little drops of oils like that of lavender, catnip or cloves.

Vinegar Bug Spray

One of the merits of this mixture is that it contains antibacterial and antifungal treatment.

  • With vinegar, you may collect herbs and dry them then put them into a container with vinegar.
  • You should then tightly close it and shake it well every day. This shaking of the mixture should be repeated for twenty days without opening the container.
  • After the twenty days, you need to pour it through a sieve to another container and store it in a cool place like the fridge.
  • There are individuals who prefer applying them on their skin to prevent themselves from being touched by bug. If that is the case then they need to add a hundred percent of water to dilute it.

recipe for the homemade bug spray

Herbal Bug Spray

  • Finally, one can dry herbs and crush them into fine powder.
  • When they are fine, scoop three table spoons on the powder and add it into a cup of boiled water and add a table spoon of peppermint powder and dried cloves into the mixture.
  • Allow it to cool. When it has cooled, sieve it and add a cup of water mixed with witch hazel then spray it using the spray bottle.

All this procedures should be stored in the fridge when not in use to prevent them from getting stale. There are many other procedures for making the bugs spray in your home. You can check the Web for more references.