Playground rubber mulch is used to cover the surface of many playgrounds. Even though playgrounds are a place where children and adults alike can have fun in the outdoors, there are many dangers that are associated with these playgrounds. Playground rubber mulch is designed to reduce these dangers and health hazards.

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The Uses of Playground Rubber Mulch

Playground rubber mulch is mainly used as a shock absorber. This is because it is soft on the outside. When children are playing on a playground that is covered with playground rubber much, chances of them falling and hurting themselves are greatly reduced. And even when they fall down, they are not likely to injure or bruise themselves to a great extent.

Another use of playground rubber mulch is in controlling weeds. When a playground is covered with playground rubber mulch, chances of unwanted weeds growing and giving it a bad appearance are greatly reduced. You will therefore say goodbye to weeds, herbicides and pesticides. Many pests in your playground are usually attracted by the weeds that grow there. This means that when you use playground rubber mulch, you will be eliminating the source of food for these pests and they will be a thing of the past.

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You should also know that playground rubber mulch does not wash away and neither does it rot or give off a bad smell. Therefore, during the cold and wet winter months, you can simply stay indoors and go back during spring without worrying about a bad, damaged and stinky playground.

Playground rubber mulch will also save you a lot of money on detergents and clothes. Children playing on a playground covered by playground rubber mulch leave the playground with clothes that are mostly only sweaty. The clothes are usually not dirty from dust and dirt.

Types of Playground Rubber Mulch

Playground rubber mulch is of two main types. These types are playground rubber mulch and landscape mulch. Landscape rubber mulch is used mainly for decorations or as an ornament. It can give your backyard or front yard a very beautiful appearance. It also reduces the efforts that you are going to put in mowing all the time.

Playground rubber mulch is mainly used to cover playing surfaces. In this capacity, the rubber mulch is used to cover children’s playing grounds. The main aim of this is to reduce the injuries that the children are going to incur when playing.

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The Best Manufacturers of Playground Rubber Mulch

There are several companies that produce rubber mulch for playing grounds. Some of the major companies include:

  • JJV Rubber Mulch
  • So Cal Rubber Mulch
  • Rubber Resources Limited
  • Pinnacle Rubber Mulch
  • Davis Rubber Company and
  • EcoHearth

Some of these companies produce recycled rubber mulch for playground instead of producing it from brand new rubber.

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Shopping Guide

There are many stores of the companies listed above and more from which you can buy rubber mulch for playground. The best thing to do is to Google the store nearest to you where you can buy rubber mulch. You can also use Internet stores such as eBay to buy the same. Playground rubber mulch price ranges from as little as $200 to highs of $1200. Several matters determine this price, the most important of them being the size.