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Rules in Professional Boxing | Content Injection

Boxing now an official sport is a contest between two individuals using their fists. The game of boxing is governed by game referee. It is a game of several 1-3 minutes’ interval known as rounds. Winner is a contestant who becomes successful in knocking out his/her opponent and the opponent is not able to get up within the stipulated time.

There are two popular types of boxing i.e. professional boxing and amateur boxing. Amateur boxing is accomplished at games like Olympic Games and Commonwealth games. They are more of point scoring competitions where winner is declared on the basis of points won, while professional boxing is based on physical power.

safety Rules in Professional Boxing

Rules and Guidelines in Professional Boxing:

In ancient times, the game of boxing took lives of many boxers because it was heavy weight boxing practiced without proper structure that can provide protection to the boxers. No rules and regulations pertaining to weight class, time limits or protective tools for boxing were defined.

In 1853, rules for boxing were defined which after many revisions are quite similar to professional boxing rules that exists today. The rules in professional boxing are governed on the basis of different parameters like:

Weight Rule

Before every boxing game, boxer has to undergo medical tests and examinations that determine the boxer’s health condition and weight requirements.

  • The professional boxing is categorized on the basis of weight class.

  • In order to participate in a particular weight class game, the boxer at times needs to shed or gain the weight to meet required weight class.

  • Professional boxing game has 9 weight classes: Straw weight, Welterweight, Flyweight, Lightweight, Bantam weight, Featherweight, Middleweight, Light heavyweight, and Heavyweight.

Protection Clothing Rule

  • As per the weight class, the boxers are required to wear 6, 8 or 10 oz. weight gloves.

  • The gloves are to be worn after wrapping hands with appropriate bandages.

  • Boxers can strike only when their gloves are on.

  • In professional boxing game, boxing headgear is prohibited.

  • Use of Vaseline or grease on the body is allowed in professional boxing.

  • Mouth piece is to be worn to protect teeth and athletic cup to safeguard groin area.

Boxing Ring Rule

  • The boxing ring has to be square shaped and the size should be 16-24 square feet.

  • The ring needs to be well constructed with proper floor padded with rubber or soft cloth.

  • The minimum floor height should be 1m and maximum should be 1.2m. There should be 3 set of steps available to reach the platform and the height of steps should be 25 cm each.

Time Rule

  • The professional boxing game comprise of 14 rounds, each round of 3 minutes with 1 minute of rest between 2 rounds.

  • The calculation of scores is done on the basis of rounds won.

  • The winner of a round scores 10 points while the loser of the same round gets negative points depending upon his/her performance in that particular round.

Knockdown rule

  • Knockdown is when any part of boxer’s body except the feet touch the floor.

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  • In case of knockdown of one boxer, the other boxer has to return to the neutral corner of the ring.

  • The referee starts counting up to 10 and if the boxer manages to get up before the referee reaches the 8th count, the fight continues – otherwise it is a win by knockout.

  • If a boxer is knocked down thrice in a round, it is an automatic knockout.

  • Another way of judging the winner is by considering judges decision and it is referred to as technical knockout.

Basic Game Rule

  • Blows delivered to the opponent cannot be below the waist area and nowhere on the back of the head.

  • Opponent down of the ground or on his/her knee could not be hit.

  • Game referee has all the rights to disqualify the boxer or give him negative points.