Why the rollerball pen is the mightiest pen? There was once a saying that states “A pen is mightier than a sword” but the question in this article is; which among the many pens is the mightiest of them all? Some may argue that it is the fountain pen, the elegant pen used by many politicians and historical figures. Others may say that the ordinary popular ball pen is the best since a lot of people used it every day. However, this reasoning is faulty. The rollerball pen together is the mightiest of them all.

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The Rollerball Pen Facts

In order to prove that the rollerball pen is the most exceptional ball pen there is, consider these facts. It was introduced in the year 1963 by a Japanese company called Ohto Japan. Before the conception of rollerball pen, ball pens are only oil-based thick inks. However, when roller ball pens were introduced it gave birth to two more types of pen ink; the liquid ink pens and gel ink pens.

A rollerball pen is actually a combination of a fountain pen and a ballpoint pen. The ink system of the fountain pen was adopted by this type of pen and combined with the convenience that a ballpoint pen provides. The distinctive quality of the rollerball pen is similar to the silky “wet ink” quality of the fountain pen yet it tends to deeply and widely saturate the paper as opposed to the fountain pen.


Why should consumer opt to use rollerball pens? Here is a short list of some of the advantages of rollerball pens:

  • Rollerball pens especially the liquid ink rollerball pens have smooth and consistent flow. Since liquid ink based pens are less viscous it will flow easily thus avoiding the possibility of skipping. 
  • When using a rollerball pen, writers do not need to exert much pressure to ensure that it would write clearly and cleanly. Thus less stress, more comfortable and definitely saves energy. In addition, less pressure means smoother and faster writing speed.
  • Since roller ball pen is liquid and gel ink based it will have a wider color range due to the fact that there are a lot of water soluble dyes and pigment. More color choices.

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Types Of Rollerball Pens 

After learning about the different advantages of the rollerball pens, the next part is learning about the different types of the best rollerball pen in the market. Here are two of the most popular rollerball pen types:

  • Refillable Rollerball Pen

This is usually made of metal and plastic to ensure long lasting product durability. This type of rollerball pen only needs a change of ink reservoir to work again. To ensure that refilling the pen is easier, the ink and tip of the pen are joined together in one piece. Since this product is more durable than the regular plastic pens, it is more expensive.

  • Retractable Rollerball Pen

The retractable rollerball pen is also normally refillable. This type of rollerball pen was designed to ensure that the ink would not stain surfaces. In addition it was designed as such to ensure that air and other surface would not hasten the drying process of the ink.

There are a lot more types of rollerball pen; it is up to the consumer to choose which will suit his or her needs. One popular name that comes to mind when you think of rollerball pens is the Uni Ball Signo. A ball pen is an important tool for people’s daily living so before buying a ball pen think about what you need, how you will use it and of course the value it will provide.