A tool called drain plug is an important part of a vehicle that is found under the oil pan. This part is used to draw oil from oil pan when you need to change oil in emergency after using for long time. It works as the passage that helps in both removing and adding oil to this system. Different types of the plugs are available to serve different automobile needs.

toyota oil drain plug gasket

Popular Plugs used for all Major Brands of Cars

  • Lock open plug
  • Flush mounted plug
  • Push plug

Manufacturers of this device often follow the casting method while producing it in large amount to make the plugs durable and strong. In addition, they make use of brass metal for casting so that users do not need to change the plugs repeatedly. However, users must check that the plug has been made of anti-corrosive devices because it will stay in direct contact with the coolant. The outer surface of the oil drain plug comes with thread that helps it to adjust properly with the oil pan. Adjusting the plug properly with the oil pan is important to prevent leaking of the pan.

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Preparing a Magnetic Drain Plug

If you want to keep your car’s engine fully functioning for long time, consider using a drain plug that is magnetic instead of regular drain plug. Moreover, if you are planning to save a few bucks on purchase of this product, better prepare one at home following the simple methods. Creating your own magnetic plug is very simple as you can complete the task in just three steps.

  • Prepping: You can use normal plugs to create your own magnetic plug. However, if you are using an old one, it is important that you clean it properly using a metal brush. Then you have to drill a hole in the pipe to adjust it properly with the oil pan. Now, you have to measure magnets that fit the hole properly.
  • To Start With: Now you have to adjust the magnet properly digging the hole a bit bigger and have to shave the metal to clean it thoroughly.
  • Fixing It: Use adhesive in the just-drilled hole. However, if you still find the hole as too small then press the magnet using clumps. Then fasten the magnet tightly to adjust it properly and to prevent oil leak. Your plug is now ready.

magnetic drain plug

Maintaining the Plug Gasket

To keep the vehicle active even when it become old, it is important to maintain the oil drain plug gasket properly. To maintain the drain plug thoroughly, you need to change the gasket and engine oil at least once in three months. Actually, you have to include this task in daily maintenance schedule. If you change oil frequently, you do not need to spend much to keep engine active. Thus, ask from your car manufacturer and follow what they suggest about changing oil thoroughly.

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This type of plug is one of the most important parts of your vehicle that plays a vital role to keep engine active. Thus, you need to choose this part carefully when you have to change it and always shop for it from a reputed car parts store only.