If you are looking for Robert Allen fabric then you have a luxurious design palette. Some of the biggest fabric and color design innovations have emerged from the Robert Allen fabric outlet and retail showrooms. You will absolutely fall in love with their quality, value, and selection.

Whether you seek the most ornate in fabric design or a simple and classic look, Robert Allen upholstery fabric always brings out the best in color display and combination. Of particular note are the Sunbrella Contract and the Naturals collection; both of these are among the most revered sets under this brand.

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Get to Know More about Robert Allen

Robert Allen fabric dates back 70 years. At its core, this company has been all about delivering “A Beautiful Experience” as its credo. It is an amazing company filled with perseverance in sharing its love and passion for the best in fabric design.

The Robert Allen outdoor fabric is one often sought for its weather resistance. Other products proudly sold in showrooms across the world are their trim accents. From braids, tassels, and skirt fringes, to ribbons and buttons, you can customize your experience with Robert Allen fabric. Few other companies have more history and distribution channels than this fabric innovator.

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Popular types and designs

Some of the more popular types of fabric are listed here for your convenience. Fabric selection is personal-preference based; additionally, your home’s color palette will play a large part in accents and colors you choose.

Some of the more common design collections from a Robert Allen fabric outlet that you may find are:

  • Robert Allen @ Home
  • The Beacon Hill Collection
  • The Robert Allen Contract

If you are looking for an overview of the types of fabrics available, here is more of a categorical listing of their popular types:

  • Tropical
  • Abstract and Geometric
  • Jungle
  • Plaid
  • Ethnic/Oriental
  • Architectural
  • Animal Prints

There are not only numerous types of designs in the fabric, but the colors and the combination possibilities are almost endless.

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Advantages over Other Manufacturers

Sheer experience plays a major advantageous role for Robert Allen fabric compared to competitors. Any company who has done business for 70 years or more knows a thing or two about their chosen subject area of expertise.

But aside from time doing business, there are other fantastic advantages that the Robert Allen brand enjoys. This brand offers fabric designs and combinations which cater to the corporate office demographic as well as healthcare facilities. Expanding their offering to these outlets requires a mastery of color and interior design which leads to understanding people in general.

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Robert Allen fabric is among the most luxurious and market-leading upholstery fabric found across the world. If you need a starting point to upgrade, or establish your interior design palette then look no further. With a plethora of experience and distribution channels to ship your customized fabrics anywhere, you are almost guaranteed to get receive what you need. This is one brand any home decorator and owner should be keeping their eyes on.