Roald Dahl is renowned all over the world for his fantastic story telling skills. He is a popular author who has won over fans of all ages and backgrounds. Roald Dahl short stories are appreciated by a global audience. Roal Dahl’s short stories have been written both for adults as well as kids. His tales are quite interesting and consist of witty observations and relatable plots that everyone can easily relate to. This aspect makes Roald Dahl short stories quite different as well as admirable. They are perfectly suited for those who cannot sit through a whole novel and wish to read short tales that are not only thought provoking, fun and exciting but also leave one with valuable life lessons. Short stories from Roald Dahl are known to kick start the creativity inherent in all individuals.

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There are many short stories that made him famous the most notable amongst them being Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that has been developed into a movie on more than one occasion. The latest of these is the one featuring Johnny Depp that was touted to be a grand success at the box office. Generations of children have grown up on Roald Dahl short stories and have loved and admired the unforgettable characters created by him like Willy Wonka in the above mentioned story. Roald Dahl succeeds in creating a unique world that introduces children to a place that they may have dreamed of many times. Roald’s best quick reads for children also include some of his other books like The Magic Finger, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Witches and The Gremlins. Out of these, The fantastic Mr. Fox has also been developed into a movie. Other stories that are not necessarily meant for children like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, You Only Live Twice and The Night Digger have also been developed into film scripts.

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Roald Dahl used his unique vocabulary and writing style to come up with refreshing tales of wit interspersed with wisdom that was lapped up by one and all. Most of the short stories written by him are still in print and never fall from the bestselling lists of books. His children’s books have always maintained their position and have never fallen out of grace. The timelessness of his tales that are quite easy to relate to as well as enjoy make them so popular. There are many collections of short stories by Roald Dahl that can be purchased today for those who wish to build a collection of his tales. In such collections, many of the short stories written by him are compiled into one book and sold in this bound form to interested readers. One can even purchase the full collection of Roald Dahl short stories that consists of all the stories ever written by him.