Roald Dahl has engaged many generations of children with his fascinating and remarkable stories. The success of his books can be mainly attributed to Roald Dahl characters. Roald Dahl characters tend to be quite well thought out and developed after much deliberation.

The characters in Roald Dahl’s books usually possess unique personality traits that make them easily identifiable and also ensure that they are never forgotten. These discernible traits found in Roald Dahl characters imprint themselves on a reader’s memory and are quite hard to forget. Some of them possess unique facial features while others have eccentric, elaborate and exaggerated gestures as well as body language. This helps hold young children’s attention as they enjoy thinking about them and even enacting them out.

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The best personality types in Roald Dahl characters can be found in the famous stories of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as well as Matilda. The most amazing characters from Roald Dahl are undoubtedly Willy Wonka and Mrs. Wormwood. Both of them form a part of separate stories. Willy Wonka can be found in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory while Mrs. Wormwood can be found in Matilda. Matilda and Charlie who are also one of the main characters in the stories are quite unforgettable too. They play the role of protagonists in these children’s books and are themselves little kids in the world essentially ruled by grownups.

Willy Wonka is quite a loud character who has a sense of enigma and mystery surrounding him. He is not only enchanting but also possesses a great deal of wit and humor that borders on the darker side. This unique aspect also allows adults to share and relate to the magical world of Willy Wonka. Mr. Willy Wonka is a character that is instantly liked as well as dreaded by certain children. He has shades of grey and is not a pure black or white character. This makes him all the more alluring for readers.

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Mrs. Wormwood in Matilda is also one of the famous Roald Dahl characters. She is the evil headmistress of the school and is depicted as vindictive and totally abominable. She has all the habits that go on to make her hateful and despised. She is mean and rude to the point of being cruel to the children as well as the teachers of the school. Matilda helps to drive her away by discovering and employing her hidden magical powers. This story ends with showcasing the victory of good over evil and the establishment of the children’s rule over the grownups that forms a common feature of Dahl’s stories. Apart from these two characters, there are many other stories that feature great Roald Dahl characters that leave their imprint on a reader’s imagination for years to come.