Yves Saint Laurent’s Rive Gauche perfume is sure to one of the most attractive scent any woman can wear today. Rive Gauche perfume for women have been around in the market for decades since it was first created in 1970. It has been helping professional and independent women to smell elegant and stunning no matter what’s the occasion. There are so many reviews about Rive Gauche perfume these days where all explains the success of the product in making women smell and feel good since it ever came into the market. Try a bottle of Rive Gauche perfume now and enhance your radiating beauty with an irresistibly alluring scent.

scented rive gauche perfume

Even though Rive Gauche designer perfume has some kind of seniority over other new line of perfumes today, the brand still stood up to its well-founded name which was built for decades. Many ladies still love to have the scent of old but proven fragrances that are sure to attract any passerby with the sweet and elegant fragrance of Rive Gauche perfume. The perfume is well-known for its wonderful mix of numerous floral aldehyde that ensures to captivate more than just anybody’s sense of smell. With a total combination of different scent notes from fruity fragrances and numerous lovely floral scents to certain metallic notes and rustic incenses of certain comfy wood notes, Rive Gauche perfume will indeed be one of your top and most preferred scents today.

rive gauche vintage perfume

It’s easy to find a bottle of Rive Gauche perfume since it is a well established brand in the perfume industry. You can find numerous reviews about Rive Gauche perfume online from websites such as www.fragrancex.com and online perfume ads. Reviews would be all different where some would occasionally say something negative about the product. Rive Gauche perfume is indeed on a positive note where numerous ladies love it. However, the perfume is indeed one of the luxurious fragrances out there in the market in which others find too expensive to use everyday. But if you are one of those crazed women going gaga over wearing this certified head-turning perfume, you can find Rive Gauche perfume gift sets at popular beauty shops and online for easier shopping. To know more about Rive Gauche perfume and it’s creators, visit its official website at www.ysl-parfums.com where you can also find other Yves Saint Laurent fragrances for both men and women. Be completely inspired by Yves Saint Laurent fashion by not just wearing the chic fragrance of Rive Gauche perfume. Wear Yves Saint Laurent clothes from their collection as well as trendy handbags, shoes, belts, jewelry and so many more at www.ysl.com.