Employee performance evaluation is an appraisal of the over-all performance of an employee working on a certain company. This determines the contributions of an employee to the company and will have a basis for the renewal of a contract.

What is in an Employee Performance Evaluation?

Employee performance evaluation is done by the Human Resource Team or by the manager. Some companies do this annually while other companies only do this when a promotion is up for a particular employee. An employee performance evaluation form should incorporate the following:

Rating of Strengths and Weaknesses

  • This section of the employee performance evaluation contains a list of characteristics expected from the job.
  • It may include an employee’s communication skills, reliability, innovation, professionalism and many more.
  • This can be answered by rating the employee’s characteristics concerning the job with 5 as very good and 1 as poor.

employee performance appraisal form

Areas for Development

  • This section provides suggestions on what the employee needs to enhance when it comes to his or her job performance.
  • It mainly contains constructive comments from the manager.
  • This is a vital discussion between the manager and the employee during an employee performance evaluation.


The manager set goals that are realistic together with the employee. These planned goals should be based on the review of the evaluation and must help in achieving the company’s vision.

Parts of an Employee Performance Evaluation Form

There are important things to consider in conducting an employee performance evaluation.

  • The first part of performance evaluation examples should state the responsibilities of the employee to be evaluated.
  • The second part will be about the employee’s skills and talents. It should have columns and rows for additional comments by the evaluator.
  • In the third and last part, both the manager and the employee should affix their signatures at the end of the form.

Most managers complain about paper-based employee performance evaluation. Reviewing employee performance evaluation forms are very tedious and takes too much time and effort especially if there are that many employees in the company. There are some internet-based softwares which are now highly available to make the evaluation easier and more accurate. This employee performance evaluation software is very convenient since this is automated. The manager can then just print a hard copy of the evaluation and sign it together with the employee.

employee performance appraisals

For a small company with about less than twenty employees, a paper-based employee performance evaluation is practical since it will not take too much time to assess. However, if the company conducting the evaluation is rather a massive firm, an employee performance evaluation software is the best choice to make the appraisal quickly without compromising the results.