If you need to know the process on how to renew US passport, then you have come to the right place. You will be glad to know that the process to renew US passport doesn’t take that long at all and actually isn’t all that hard. In fact, learning how to renew US passport should really be no problem at all for most people. Unlike before where you need to go out of the house and do the process yourself, fall in line and fill up a few forms, now you can renew US passport by mail or renew US passport online. It can really be quite easy for you to renew a passport whenever you need it in the US. However, you need to have a few important things in order, and you should follow the proper procedure if you want to get it over with as quickly as possible. So if you thought that it would be difficult to renew US passport today, you need to think again thus this site will enlighten you as to why.

application to renew US passport

The importance of a US passport can never be stressed enough. It is considered as a very important government-issued ID that can be used to get many other kinds of documents or forms of identification. A passport is also important because it is the number one document that you will need before you are allowed to board a plane and head somewhere, anywhere in the world. Without a passport, you will not be able to travel to another country or state. It is essentially your ticket to a plane ride anywhere you might want. If you want to vacation somewhere or have to go to a certain place for a business purpose, then you require a passport on your person at all times.

how to renew us passport rush

After you have already acquired your own passport, you shouldn’t find it hard to renew US passport at all. First of all, you have to look up the requirements and follow them accordingly. In order to renew US passport, you must pass the following requirements:

how long to renew expired us passport

•    must be a legitimate resident of the United States of America with an already existing passport
•    old passport needed to apply for renewal
•    must be over 16 years of age (if under 16 at the time of your old passport’s application, then you must apply for a new one instead of getting a renewal)
•    passport must have been issued in the last 15 years
•    must have the same name as the one stated on your own passport (changed of name needs new application of a new US passport)

faster way renew us passport online

If you are wondering how long to renew US passport is, that will depend on whether you get a regular processing service or not. It will cost you extra to expedite the processing but you will be able to get your passport sooner. As long as you pass all of the above mentioned requirements, you can submit your documents for processing and expect to successful renew US passport in a matter of weeks. If you have more questions yet unanswered then you need to login to travel.state.gov for more information. If you are outside the United States, then you need to head to the nearest Embassy of the United States to renew US passport.