Duro tires company was established back in 1945 with the aim of providing top quality tires at a price that everyone can afford. For more than 65 years, the company gained a deep understanding on the manufacturing of superior tires that every consumer would love. The company produces tires for passenger cars, ATV, light trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, go carts, trailers, skid steers, forklifts and even golf carts. The guiding principles behind Duro trailer tires, Duro motorcycle tires, Duro ATV tires and all other kinds of tires produced by the company is durability. The company never ceases to improve on its existing products and continuously expands its product range. Its research and development department is composed of a wide variety of engineering capabilities that allow it to rigorously test its products to make sure that they are safe for the end users.

bmx bike gum wall blue tires

Main Product Lines

All Duro tires were designed to give optimum handling and performance while at the same time adhering to excellent quality and world class standards. The company has presence in all strategic and key areas around the globe. The main product lines of the company include the following:

  • Performance and Touring Tires

These tires are well suited for handling sports utility vehicles and sports cars that are popularly used today.

wire bread cruiser bicycle duro touring tire

  • Passenger Car Tires

These tires have special tread designs that provide quality performance at high speed as well as decreased rolling resistance for every road condition. They are constructed with special rubber compounds that give greater economy on fuel and long tread life.

  • Light Truck Tires

These tires provide a wider footprint, which improves stability, wear resistance and overall handling in heavy hauling conditions. With more rubber in contact with the road, cabs and trailer loads are kept secure and safe, even through the harshest driving conditions.

duro superwolf front and rear tire

Safety Tips

  • When the time comes to replace your Duro tires, consult your vehicle information card or owner’s manual that is typically located on the glove box, trunk or door post. The information will tell you the tire size that is recommended by your manufacturer.
  • If all your Duro tires are wearing down at the same time and need replacements, you are lucky since you know that all of the tires need replacement. However, if only one or two of the tires have to be replaced, it would be safer to replace them two or four at a time.

duro miner 29-inch light truck tire

  • If you cannot afford this, it would be better if the new tires are installed on the rear of your vehicle. Generally, new tires provide better handling and grip. Mounting the new tires on the rear decreases the danger of losing control or over steering your vehicle.
  • Mounting new tires is potentially dangerous so if you do not have sufficient training in doing it, it is recommended that you let a skilled professional take care of the job, with proper equipment, procedures and tools. Your Duro tires need to be replaced if they fail the penny test or they have worn down to the wear indicators on the tread.

These tips will provide you the necessary information in keeping your driving as safe as possible with these replacement tires.