Clumping bamboos are one of the most important plants for modern day lawns and garden designs. Their collective nature and beautiful growth amaze many landscapers and homeowners.

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A Closer Look at the Growth of Clumpers

These are most popular as they have a pachyzome rhizome which is noninvasive. These are known to be much better than the running bamboos which are also referred to as having a leptomorph rhizome. Clumpers are known to form gently arching culms that extend from the root mass and look harmonious with other plants in garden designs. All the upper culm is pushed upwards by the new underground buds. The beauty of these clums lies in the fact that they do not form long running rhizomes.

Clumpers are known to grow in a round shape. The pace of growth of these culms is slower, growing 2 to 12 inches per year. In a period of one year, these canopies only gain height and weight slowly. At a more mature stage, the maximum height that is approached by most of the species is between 10 and 20 feet. Still, there are great exceptions in these cases. There are many species that also reach the height of 50 feet.

Bamboos in Gardens

The importance of bamboo lies in its beauty especially when used in garden designs. Clumping bamboos are an important addition to the shaping of landscapes. They are gaining importance and are new to cultivation.

This type of bamboo has more importance as it has more landscape value. One of the main facts in these cases is that as compared to the normal running bamboos, this bamboo requires a much lesser maintenance. One of the main examples in these cases is that of the Fargesia species that grows in a more feather-like foliage. These are the kinds of bamboos that increase the urban importance of the gardens.

The second important example is the Robusta species which is important for the creation of privacy screens in garden designs. Another example is Borinda angustissima which is known to support masses of smaller and tiny leaves having a delicate structure. The plant can be made more attractive if the outer clumps are topped. Another important species known for having outstanding and more attractive colors include Scabrida. This species is known to have purple culms outlined by culms that have a rusty red color. The color has a great contrast with the bright green leaves.

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Other Important Uses of Bamboo

The Bamboo clumping bamboos are known to be shade lovers and these plants thrive in shady places. There are a great variety of bamboos that can be grown at any place and can be grown for any need. The beauty of these bamboos makes them more important.

Clumpers are an important way to save bamboo from extinction. Based on the fact of extinction of bamboos, this type of bamboo is gaining increased importance. Home based and commercial gardens also appreciate the level of beauty imparted by them. Because of their great variety, there are many options that can be explored in garden designs. Their outlook, shape and growing pattern are some of the main factors that increase importance.