Knowing how to make sure that your refrigerator is in great shape each year is important to help extend the life of your refrigerator and make sure that your refrigerator last you a lifetime. In this refrigerator maintenance guide you will learn how to make sure that your refrigerator is working at peak efficiency and how to avoid any problems with your machine. What are the challenges that you encounter when you do your routine maintenance check for your refrigerators?

refrigerator maintenance guide

Types of Refrigerator

In today’s world you will find that there are many types of refrigerators made by many different companies. Here are the different types of refrigerators available in today’s market:

  • Compressor refrigerators. These refrigerators run generally on electricity and refrigerant that is ran through the compressors help to keep your food cold. Compressor refrigerators make a noticeable noise.
  • Absorption refrigerators also known as the thermo-electric Peltier units. They are best for quiet running and are commonly used on smaller types of refrigerators.
  • Oil or Gas refrigerators. These types of refrigerators are run on gas or oil. The gas can be natural gas or propane.
  • Solar refrigerators. These refrigerators use sun and ammonia gas to make the refrigerator work. People who want to go green or make less of an impact on the environment typically choose these models.

Maintaining your Refrigerator

The most important thing that you can do to make sure that you maintain your refrigerator carefully is to make sure that you own a refrigerator maintenance guide. Typically these will come within the manual of your refrigerator. If you cannot find a refrigerator maintenance guide you can look online or call an appliance repair technician. Here are some suggestions on what you should do to keep your refrigerator well maintained throughout the year:

  • Make sure that you clean out your refrigerator weekly. Remove any spoiled foods and debris that may fall into the refrigerator.
  • Remove the lower kickplate and vacuum if you notice dust or dust buildup.
  • Periodically slide your refrigerator out and check that the coils on the back are free of dust and dust build up.
  • Slide your refrigerator out periodically and mop underneath the surface of the refrigerator.
  • Maintain your freezer section by keeping it clean and watch for ice buildup.
  • Check that the door seal is clean and seats well.

proper care and maintenance for solar refrigerator

If you find yourself not able to maintain your refrigerator or you find something that needs to be repaired make sure that you call a qualified appliance repair technician in your area. He or she can come out and fix your problem for you. When looking for an appliance repair technician make sure that you find out whether or not they can service your brand and get the parts that you need. For instance if you have a fan motor that goes bad on your refrigerator, and it is a Hotpoint you will need to find someone who can find Hotpoint refrigerator parts.

When you get a refrigerator make sure that you follow this refrigerator maintenance guide to help make sure that your refrigerator lasts.