Bicycle is arguably one of the most influential invention in the field of transportation. Supersonic jets, bullet trains and super cars have come and go but the simple bicycle has maintained its grasp as one of the better option for transportation. Aside from the benefits to your health that you get when you go out for a ride, it has other important benefits in every person. This leads to the development of a bike trailer to maximize the use of bicycles in everyday use. Are you excited to learn the available variations of a bike trailer?

chariot cougar 2 cts stroller bike trailer

Types of Bike Trailers

A bike trailer is a frame attached to the bicycle itself for the purpose of transporting goods and people by means of a bicycle. There are several variations that have been created to satisfy the needs of any individual.  In general, there are two types of bike trailers according to the number of wheels – they are single and two-wheel trailer.

  • Single-wheel trailer – this type is more stable but can be limited to its carrying capacity. It allows a person to gain more speed during travel since the motion of the bike and the trailer are more in sync.
  • Two-wheel trailer – this type will allow more hauling capacity. It is not designed for speed but can be very useful when you need to carry loads from one place to another quickly because it is much wider allowing for more space to carry different loads. Kids bike trailer is one of the most popular design for a two-wheel trailer.

copilot model A bike trailer best for babies

Designed for Kids

From the given types of bicycle trailers above, it is easy to consider what type of bike trailer is suitable for kids. The chariot bike trailer is a popular choice for parents when they decide to bring their kids on a biking adventure in the park. It provides safety and space that is needed for the little ones to enjoy the ride. It also provide protection from the heat of the sun and dusts or splashes of water and mud since sometimes they can’t be avoided.

There any many features of a bike trailer that has been incorporated to make the trip enjoyable for the kids. Companies such as Bell have specially designed bicycle trailers for kids. Bell bike trailer is a popular choice as they have safety belts for the kids, a stroller in front and extra space at the back for groceries. You can also order an extra helmet for another kid since they have trailers that can carry up to two kids at once. Bike trailer stroller is an essential part of these bike trailers as they can provide the stability and handling for the biker and its passengers while on the road.

You don’t need to wait for your kids to grow up for them to enjoy biking. Whenever they are ready, you can attach a bike trailer and make them tag along for the ride. It is a picture perfect situation when you see both parents and children sporting a grin while they enjoy the view around them as they safely cruise around the block or in the park.