The use of rubber has increased a great deal. But these original or synthetic rubbers that are used to manufacture tires have harmful effects on the environment and mankind as a whole. Hence with the advancement of technology and awareness of pollution, recycling rubber has gained a lot of importance around the globe. Before discussing about recycling rubber, you need to know first the harmful effects of rubber.

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Hazardous Effects of Rubber

It is important to have an idea of the problems caused by rubber so that people will not just throw them anywhere. Below are the effects of rubber in the environment.

  • Air Pollution: Rubber is considered as a renewable resource. But since the tires that are made from synthetic rubber, when they are burnt to be disposed, produces gas that is very harmful for the environment as it contains toxic chemicals that include lead, polycyclic hydrocarbons, butadiene, furans, benzene and others. These are conducive to cancer and causes damages to the nerves.
  • Water Pollution: Waste tires are a cause of water pollution also. As the fire of the burning tires is put out with water, that water becomes polluted with an oily residue. As this water seeps down the soil, it contaminates the underground water. Recycling rubber is the best way of disposing tires.
  • Fires: After use most people throw away their rubber tires in various dumping grounds. If these tires catch fire by any chance, it becomes very difficult to put them off. The tires are petroleum-based and the hydro-carbon fumes pollute the air.
  • Breeding grounds of rodents and mosquitoes: The tires that are left out in the open get filled up with rain water and become the breeding grounds of mosquitoes and rodents. Encephalitiscausing mosquitoes lay their eggs in these tires and rodents find it easy to multiply here.

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Products of Recycling Rubber

Today, recycling rubber is indeed the best way of reducing pollution and preventing the spread of fatal diseases. Moreover, rubber can be used for many beneficial purposes once it is recycled. Some of the products obtained by recycling rubber are:

  • Flooring: Recycled rubber is a wonderful material that is used as a flooring material in dance studios, fitness centers, ice-skating rinks, veterinary and medical centers. Rubber is used to pave the floor of recording studios because of its capability to reduce sound transmission. Wood or carpet floors use recycled rubber as an underlayment. Entrance mats, floor mats and kids areas also utilize rubber as their flooring.
  • Building Materials: Various advantages have been derived by recycling rubber especially in the field of construction. They are used in projects like asphalt paving, acts as a base in concrete floor in place of gravel, used in building walls, foundations, sidewalks and driveways. Also, shingles and roof tiles are made from rubber.
  • Landscaping: Recycling rubber is highly beneficial to humans at large. It is used to plant beds in an eco-friendly manner, used in golf-courses, sports fields, as mulch in kids’ playground and also as a land-filling material to prevent soil erosion. Playground rubber mulch is non-toxic, germ-free, odor-free, long lasting, non-abrasive, will not mold or rot and very easy to maintain. Hence, playground rubber mulch is one of the most popular flooring materials preferred by engineers for the safety of children at play.
  • Other Uses: Recycled rubber is used to make belts, soles of shoes, athletic items, handbags, wallets and also novelty wear.

Recycling indeed goes a long way in helping out the environment. If you have loads of rubber, recycle it to prevent the damages rubber can cause and to produce useful materials needed in various industries.