Reclaimed wood, as the name suggests refers to wood that is being taken for reuse after being used a first time. More often than not, this wood is usually gathered from houses, buildings or simply structures that are either being demolished or refurbished. Reclaimed wood is quite popular today, and this is especially so with the advocacy for green building that is going on today.

rustic modern reclaimed wood coffe table

Characteristics of Reclaimed Wood

The following are some of the properties of reclaimed wood that have made it popular today;

  • It is of higher quality as compared to fresh wood
  • It has a high degree of aesthetic appeal
  • It is strong and durable
  • It is antique or has a natural vintage look.

Recommended Safe Surfaces

There are several applications of reclaimed wood, one of them being the reclaimed wood flooring and reclaimed wood furniture. This kind of flooring is recommended by doctors, especially for individuals with respiratory complications like asthma, or those with back problems. This is because reclaimed wood is remarkably healthy, and apart from being beautiful, it cuts down on the allergies brought about by other types of floors. The floors that are made using reclaimed wood are also quite stable and dense, making them immensely safe and functional.

What are Wooden Dowels

Another application for reclaimed wood is the wooden dowels. These are cylindrically shaped pieces of wood that are quite handy for their versatility. Some of the common uses of the wooden dowels include the following;

  • As support for hanging items
  • As a core, for wrapping cables and wires around
  • As a shelf support

Uses of a Reclaimed Wood

The fact that reclaimed wood is strong and durable is what makes it suitable as raw material for the making of the wooden dowels. In the spirit of green building, whilst making furniture, refurbishing an old building, or even while putting up a new building all together, reclaimed wood beams come in particularly handy. This is because using this kind of wood gives one the satisfaction of knowing that no trees have been felled for a purpose that could be avoided. Below are some of the countless applications of reclaimed wood;

  • Making furniture
  • Flooring
  • Panelling
  • Cabinet lumber

contemporary stool on reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood is the way to go, especially with the environmentally conscious world that we live in today. Any chances of recycling are highly encouraged as it promotes awareness and conservation of the environment.