Many truck companies prefer using recap tires instead of new tires to save money. These recap tires are actually recycled tire products. The treads are replaced in these accessories. Large trucks require frequent replacements of tires and wheel accessories. Only recapping these accessories allows an owner to make the budget low. Trucking companies in Europe recap snow tires and in Americas, these companies usually recap mud tires due to the type of tracks nearby.

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How to Recap Tires

Below are the steps in recapping a tire.

  • Use a tire grinder first and make the tire surface flatter and smooth. You have to use the grinder slowly to render the surface accordingly.
  • Take rubber adhesive and apply on the smooth surface. Make sure you evenly distribute the adhesive on the entire surface. This is considered as the security binding.
  • Now, you will have to roll the new tire tread on the smooth surface. As you have applied rubber adhesive, the treads will remain in close appositions. Make sure the edges are covered accordingly and kept aligned round the diameter.
  • Take the treaded tire and put that in a sealer. These sealing machines evolve steam heat and help the treads bind tightly with the surface.
  • The process can be done manually. However, the leading recap tires dealers these days use automated methods. These auto methods are comparatively cheaper and more sustainable.
  • Don’t forget to pull out the nails, glasses or metals in the older treads before recapping the tires.

Benefits of Using Recap Tires

Using recap tires is not a very popular option at the general consumer levels. But company owners do prefer the recycling policy. Here, you will explore some major advantages of using retreaded tires.

  • These recapped accessories are much cheaper than the new products. You can save about 50% of the total expenses. If you are really low on budget, these are the only option to help yourself regarding your vehicle services.
  • These accessories might be refurbished but they are safe no matter where you are about to use them. Airplanes, taxis, ambulances or trucks can use these accessories everywhere.
  • You must think about the environment and also the mother earth. Recycling is always an environment friendly option. You will be able to save significant amount of space from landfills when reusing the tires. At the same time, carbon emission will also reduce significantly as production of new tires will be lessened.
  • Recap tires don’t produce rubbers on the highways. It is seen that new tires seem to scrape off huge chunk of rubbers in the beginning. This is a natural process of adaptation for these accessories. But, retreaded ones don’t exhibit the same pattern of adaptation.

The following are some important tips to remember when doing recap tires.

  • Always choose high quality recapping materials.
  • Don’t make hurry while retreading these tires.
  • Make sure the edges are marked and measured properly.
  • Use high quality rubber adhesives to avoid accidents.
  • Apply the retreads closely and aligned with the market line.
  • Choose branded products after making extensive researches.

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Tires are certainly one of the most important accessories for heavy-duty vehicles. The consumer level vehicles also require replacements often. Whatever your reason could be, you should pick something high quality and reliable. Metzeler tires have been serving millions of customers around the world. You should rely on companies that have years of customer services with satisfaction. Make recap tires your option now if you want a cheaper yet efficient and safe tires.