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Reasons To Have A Kenmore Air Conditioner | Content Injection

Are you wondering which air conditioner to purchaseespecially when the warm weather comes?You are probably questioning what the costs; the differences are between manufacturers, and the right choice for your application. Kenmore air conditioner should be on your top list when you are out searching for the best air conditioning units. Take a look at the Kenmore brand as a standout manufacturer and explore the reasons why you should have one of its products.

top rated kenmore portable air conditioner

Kenmore History

The Searscompany acts as parent to the Kenmore brand.

  • Since the early 1900’s household appliance such as microwaves, dishwashers, garbage disposals and air conditioners have been manufactured and distributed.
  • It was the boom of electrically-wired homes in the 1920’s which spurned Kenmore innovation. The company saw to it that every homeowner should have electrical appliances at their fingertips for convenience.
  • Consumer demand continues to thrive as more and more homeowners find Kenmore as a reputable and popular brand in the market today.

kenmore thru wall window air conditioner

Features and Benefits of a Kenmore Air Conditioner

You want quality and you want to know and trust the company you are purchasing your air conditioner from. Here are some benefits when going with the Kenmore.

  • Trust – Since 1927,the company has been marketing washing machines, air conditioners and other Kenmore branded appliances. When it comes to household products, there is a long history of experience with Kenmore.
  • Warranty – With a one year warranty as a standard service contract, you can also opt for an additional four-year extension. This gives you peace of mind that your Kenmore air conditioner partswill be covered for years to come.

As mentioned above, Sears is the main distributor for Kenmore appliances. The Kenmore air conditioner come as portable, standalone unit for homes, window units for rooms, and even central air conditioning units installed externally to your home. The following are other features of this air conditioner.

  • Earth-friendly refrigerant
  • Offers remote controlled air conditioners
  • Fresh air exhaust venting
  • Variable fan speed settings

kenmore elite 10000 BTU portable air conditioner

This is all for user convenience and full control over your climate control needs.

The Kenmore Advantage

Go ahead and perform your due diligence. Kenmore air conditioner reviews are often positive and you can find chat boards and forums to ask about the advantages of Kenmore. Among the top advantages are:

  • Experience – With over 80 years of experience in the household appliance industry, you can be rest assured the Kenmore product line will serve you well.
  • Reliability – A reputation is hard to build and even tougher to protect. Kenmore made its name through reliable appliances backed by firm warranties. This keeps your air conditioner running strong and long with recourse in case there’s a defect.
  • Kenmore Air Conditioner Manual – Your air conditioner comes with a manual. In case you need any maintenance tips, the number to the warranty service center, and even just installation detailsare found in the manual. Simply refer to your manual in order to get the details you seek.

kenmore 70051 window air conditioner

Costs vary as do aesthetics. You will want to measure the dimensions of your window or area where you’ll want the central air conditioner unit to be installed. Make sure you have that information handy before you begin your shopping. This makes you informed and helps a sales or service representative better recommend the appropriate unit.With all of these facts about Kenmore air conditioner, you will surely be investing your money in a valuable, efficient and long lasting unit.