Now that plastic shot glasses have been invented, gone are the days when one has to use heavy shot glasses and wash them while hearing clinking sound every now and then. At first, they were believed to be good only for single use; however, more and more bar owners and party hosts are using polystyrene and polycarbonate shot glasses as reusable plastic shot glasses at the moment.

all season plastic shot glass


Plastic shot glasses of this age are more durable and reliable for holding any kind of beverages; thanks to the introduction of higher grade polycarbonate to the plastic industry. In fact, some versions are even stronger than real shot glasses. Plastic shot glasses hold many advantages, some of which include the following:

  • One of the most significant benefits of plastic shot glasses is that they are safer to use when molding when compared to glass counterparts.
  • Because they are made from plastic, owners don’t have to worry about breaking, chipping or shattering. Throwing broken glasses also poses danger as one can acquire injuries when holding broken pieces of glass.
  • In some cases, parties can turn into a horrible fight. However, the danger can be prevented through the use of plastic shot glasses as they are unbreakable and cannot be used to harm other individuals, which also explains why most club and bar owners adopted the use of these containers.
  • And most importantly, plastic shot glasses are more affordable than glass versions. The reason behind this is the cheap materials used in their production, which allow the manufacturers to produce them in larger quantities at a low rate.

personalized plastic shot glass


Currently, plastic shot glasses are supplied by numerous manufacturers which allow you to choose among a wide variety of attractive colors and designs. They are available in a multitude of choices. In the market, the buyers can choose from clear plastic shot glasses or plastic shot glasses with lids, depending on their intended use. During special occasions like weddings, the couple may also opt for personalized plastic shot glasses, which are not only attractive and elegant but are friendly to the wallet as well. Aside from plastic glasses, consider using jello shot syringes as well. They do not only make your drinks look more tempting, but also allow you to have a livelier party without having to spend a fortune. If you are looking for the best alternative to your fragile shot glasses, then the plastic shot glasses are the best way to go.