If varsity jackets were a fad, they would have faded out of the fashion scene many years ago. But, because they are fashionable and suitable for a large audience, they continue to appeal to youngsters as well as to the older generation. The letterman design that contains letters of a particular school embroidered on the front originates from Harvard University’s baseball players. They used the initials of their school to identify a player’s apparel, but this fashion statement extended to other schools before going viral.

Currently, custom varsity jackets are making headlines in schools as well as among celebrities. The design of varsity jackets can incorporate any style such as the initials of the institution, institution’s corporate colors or even the game a student participates in. The most popular sports are football, baseball, basketball, cricket, tennis and athletics. However, this does not mean there is a restrictive clause that prevents student players in other sports to customize coats.

wool varsity letterman jacket royal white

Factors to Consider in Customizing Varsity Jackets

  • Material: Before seeking customized varsity jackets designs, it is important to consider a few things such as the material. For example, do you want a coat made of cotton?
  • Neck Area: You should also think about the neck area of varsity jackets because it can be a turnover, stand up or even a flat.
  • Design: Other designs come with hats especially for sportsmen’s and women in extremely cold regions.
  • Pattern: A customized design also bears options of stripes on the sleeves and the wrist area or without them.

Varsity jackets for girls have diversified with the need created as more people realize that these coats are fashionable on and off school. They can be made of leather and in colors such as black and brown to fit daily outfits. The stylish varsity jackets work well coupled with a pair of jeans or skirt.

Why Get Varsity Jackets?

  • Protection: The wearer gets a fashion sense, and also keeps warm-they are heavy coats that provide insulation from the cold in any part of the world
  • Durable Materials: Varsity jackets are made of durable and attractive fabric-in most cases, manufacturers use wool or cotton. Such materials are comfortable, easy to clean and they can be customized easily.
  • School Pride: They provide a simple way of showing off co-curriculum achievements.
  • Customizable: The wearer can customize varsity jackets to show awards and team affiliations.
  • Variety: There are designs for everyone from varsity jackets for men to high school students and women.
  • Versatility: It is clear that such attire is just getting better as designers go for modern ideas such as prints to reach a larger audience that is probably out of school already.

quality UC varsity jacket

Popularity of this garment rivals that of the flannel jacket, which is considered a must have for men. This is because it has a soft fabric that provides warmth in cold weather, just like varsity jackets. This design has shaped fashion ideas for men in different parts of the world, being particularly loved by farmers, and other field workers. There are different designs that come in a wide range of colors, though they are predominantly dark such as green, black and maroon. The designs feature hats and large breast pockets.