For some people mens tights would sound and look awkward for the male group. Tights are accepted to be worn by the female legs only. The fashion world for both sexes has found ways to fuse them together where the female side has taken advantage the most. Women can now wear combat boots and men can wear hanging shirts without worrying whether the society will question their masculinity.

 Mens tights or the mantyhose were worn by men as an alternative for long-johns. It was introduced by the famous leg wear designer, Emilio Cavallini. Mens tights were famous in the world of theaters as costumes, and in some dances specifically ballet where ballet tights are more popular. Nowadays, men wear tights not just to keep them warm but as a fashion statement.

royal blue cotton mens tights

Why Men Wear Mens Tights?

 If most of you question the idea of why men wear tights, here are the reasons:

  • Men do sweat a lot compared to women and the degree of breathability that mens tights have makes it the preferred choice nowadays over sweatpants.
  • It adds a higher level of warmth and comfort during cold seasons.
  • It adds coolness to men’s fashion.
  • Mens tights are used by most men for leg protection.
  • Men wear these tights under their motorbike trousers because they said it is comfortable and more practical.
  • Men wear them underneath their shorts, pants, or slacks. At times, men feel scratchy wearing these garments especially when they perspire, and mens tights help them avoid itchiness and rash marks on their skin.
  • It can give ease of movement since it is like just part of the skin.
  • Men wear them for function and fashion.
  • They easily dry and are easy to wash.
  • Tights cover the body from above the waist to the foot which is more appreciated by men who do not go for hipsters.

men sports compression leggings

Real Men Wear Tights

Mens tights are all about heat without weight and the launching of this apparel means acknowledgement of a male existence in the leg wear market. Not all men wearing tights are gays, they may be strong and shy when people see them buying this stuff, but they too love the sensual textures. Does your boyfriend wear tights? Don’t be confused, it is not weird seeing him wear those. It’s just clothing anyway, and most of them love the feel of these tights on their legs.

Mens tights are not just for costume purposes. It is being worn basically to protect the legs from insect bites and rashes caused by perspiring. It is also worn to show daring statements by some cross dressing shoppers and for men who get a lot of fun wearing some stylish and trendy mens tights. Tights may be popular in the wardrobes of women, but it is making its way in the garbs of the opposite sex and is definitely gaining popularity.  Tights are not made just to be enjoyed by women but by tough guys as well and most fashion watchers knew that tights are the new fashion trend in menswear today.