Reading is a very good habit and must be inculcated in all kids. It is common knowledge that there are numerous benefits of reading books right from a young age. Reading can make your kids aware and also give them a lot of social and physical knowledge. Since there are so many benefits of books, books for kids are indeed wanted learning materials in the home. The number of story books for kids is huge and when you go to a bookstore, you can literally find yourself lost in the world of books for kids. However, with the onset of internet, everything has been shifted to the web. Now, instead of going to the store and buying books for your kids, you could look for books for kids online that are free to download and read. Your kids will be more than happy to spend time on the computer reading books with beautiful pictures and illustrations. Here are some sources of books online.

Find The Best Recordable Books for Children Online

Excellent Sources Of Books For Kids Online


  • 2020ok: This site offers books for babies. It has a collection of about a 100 books that are divided into 12 categories.
  • AmericanFolklore: This website has folk stories from native America, Mexico, Canada and USA.
  • AmericanStoryTeller: You can read American poems as well as stories on this site.
  • AllBooksFree: This site offers books for online reading and books for kids download for free in PDF format.
  • BForBall: This is a site dedicated to preschoolers. The books offered are those of alphabets, shapes and colors.
  • Book Pop: This site offers free online reading of many illustrated books.
  • ChildrensBooksOnline: This website is an excellent source of books for kids. It has more than 600 books for children. They can even be downloaded but downloading from this website is not free.


Best Reading Books For Kids Online

  • ChildStoryTeller: You can find many rhymes and stories for young kids on this site.
  • Classicly: This site has recordable books for children in MP3 format. They can also be downloaded as PDF or in Kindle.
  • Feedbooks: This site has a wide collection of good fairy tales that are hard to find on other sites.
  • KidsPages: It has nicely illustrated books for kids along with learning activities. The stories offered by the site are classic kids’ stories.
  • WebPop: This is a very attractive website with books for reading, listening as well as downloading.


Note that all these sites offer free reading but some might charge for downloading. There are numerous such sites that offer books for kids. You can explore and find out the best suited for your kids.