Racing tires are car tires specifically structured to enable maximum performance in racing. The specifications of the tire design vary, depending on the nature of the race to be made. These tires are more often made for swiftness and high level performance, rather than to withstand wear and tear. For this reason, unlike normal tires, racing tires need to be replaced quite often, after covering approximately 100 miles.

Racing tires are fundamentally built according to particular racing classifications .They are made to suit two varied races, and this is very much determined by the shape of the track and the material used on it. There are dirt track racing tires, and asphalt racing tires which vary in terms of circumference ratio, as well as tread patterns. Ford tires meant for dirt racing have an irregular tread design, and this enables high performance during a dirt race. However, in cases where the track may be wet, the grooves may be clogged by the mud and in turn this may affect performance. More considerations have to be put in mind while picking out appropriate racing tires for a dirt track. With Ford tires variety is in place, one is bound to find exactly what they may require.

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Generally the tires need to have DOT-approval. They are also uniquely made to suit the environment within the race track; hence varied racing tires may be used for special races

Distinct features on racing tires

  • – Thinner rubber layers, and air containing minimum moisture, they may also have nitrogen content
  • – Flexible sidewalls which enable effective grip at advanced speeds, and low pressure to ensure a high level of contact patch
  • – A racing belt that allows maintenance of upper limit contact during intense steering reactions
  • – All time low tread depths that contribute to an enhanced racing grip
  • – Giant block designs which enable a smooth racing grip
  • – UTQG ratings that keep tread wear under 100

With efficient racing tires such as Ford tires, one is ensured to have a fast, smooth ride. Compared to normal tires, Ford tires are of high quality and provide the best features for car races. The Ford tires also have what is known as a safety spare. In essence this is a tire that is tubeless, and contained in the main tire. In case of any urgent situation, the tire comes in handy; it enables the driver to at least get away from danger. These characteristics make the ford tires an efficient choice for racing tires. Besides providing better grip and control, ford tires are bound to offer high level performance.

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Ford tires have an advanced superior technology that when combined with the skill of the driver, will ensure a first finish. It is important to have the right tires, whether it is for an open tire race, or one with specified track tires. Ford tires meet the professional set guidelines for racing tires and therefore ensure that one gets exactly what is needed for the race purposes, and therefore not face the risk of being rejected from a race.