There are many great quilted duvet cover ideas that can turn your bedroom from an average one, into one with a stunning centerpiece that you can use as the focus of your bedroom design. Duvet is a French word meaning “down” in English, and of course, a cover is a removable piece of fabric that be taken off and laundered or changed to a new style to suit your changing tastes.

Fresh Ideas For Duvet Cover

Being able to change the entire look of your bedroom by only having to remove and change the outside of a duvet is less expensive than having to purchase a new quilt, and it is one of the quilted duvet cover ideas that can help you with your decorating dreams. After you change your cover, the other possibilities for your dream room are endless.

perfect Quilted duvet cover ideas

Here are unique ideas you can use to add variations to your usual and seemingly plain duvet cover.

  • Varying your duvet cover along with the change of the seasons is a wonderful idea to keep the look of your bedroom fresh and new. A comfortable flannel cover with soft colors in winter is warm and inviting, while a lighter fabric in bright colors or a soft white duvet cover is nice for spring.

  • Many people who want to preserve an old quilt or blanket that has been in the family for years may use a duvet cover to protect the quilt and use it as a headboard, or an accent on a bedroom wall. With the many designs that are available, there is always at least one material and fabric that will match your taste and the feel of your room.

  • Another one of the wonderful quilted duvet cover ideas is to only place the final quilt folded halfway over the bed and accent the remainder of the room and the bed with other fabrics and pillows using a color taken from that of the cover. This can be done with a few throw pillows added on top of the pillows you sleep with. Be sure to try to coordinate the sheets and pillow cases to the cover, or use a plain shade of white to use as the background.

  • Once you are happy with the look of your bed, move on to the curtains, by changing these two items. With the four seasons as your inspiration, you have many colors and patterns to choose from that will have your bedroom looking like a picture from a magazine. If you cannot find curtains in the pattern you are looking for in your local stores, try searching the internet. You will often find full catalogs from the finest stores to peruse at your leisure.

best Quilted duvet cover ideas

  • By keeping the colors of your curtains and throw pillows matching one of the colors or scheme in the duvet cover you are adding, you can create a beautiful room without having to do any major changes.

These are only a few quilted duvet cover ideas. There are many more you will discover as you see how many different patterns are available. Some will look great on your bed, some on your wall, and others will make the perfect headboard for your bed.

By looking online at different fabrics and curtains, you may find that you would like to change the look and feel of what you originally had in mind as your quilted duvet cover ideas. That is only one of the wonderful things about duvet covers. You do not have to purchase a new quilt and wonder where to store it. All you need to do is change the cover.