So you want to personalize your car? If you want to be hands on in customizing a car, there are many practical ways to do it. But before you take action on changing its untouched state, you have to determine first what you want to do.  You have to visualize first and foremost every detail you want to customize before taking action. This will minimize your cost of expenses in buying stuffs and installing car accessories to create a personal statement.

newest top car sticker desgn ideas

A lot of car accessories can be done without a service man and are easy to set up. You just have to do some shop-hunting to have a personalized car.  Here is a DIY list of customizing a car quickly:

  • Add customized car stickers on the windows, windshields or on any car parts which you find appropriate for the sticker. You can find durable stickers that are made of vinyl. These stickers can endure rain and sunshine over a long period of time. You can have your stickers personalized to show self expression.
  • Change car mats. Car mats are typically black and boring. Adding strong bright colors can perhaps quickly shift your mood from gloomy to cheerful. There are metallic colored car mats that are perfect for customizing a car in a second.
  • Have a friend on your dashboard. You can use your favorite teddy bear or any funny and crazy trinkets which can lift up your mood during rush hour when nobody can move an inch on the road.
  • Change the seat covers. Usually, car seat covers come in grey or black corduroy fabric. This is the generic color every time you buy a new car. To include a hint of personality in your car, you can change the seat covers to your own preference. You can find many brands that make pretty car seat covers. One of these is Saddleman seat covers which make elegant, soft and durable car seat covers. They have lots of varieties to choose from like camouflage, neoprene, sheepskin, some canvas and blanket seat covers. These fabrics come in many interesting hues. Your passenger will surely appreciate your car seat covers which have attractive colors that make your car stand apart from the generic ones.

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Customizing a car is easy and practical to show your self-expression. You just have to add some of your favorite things to your car so that you will feel at home even when you are driving alone on a long road. Easy and quick fixes for your car can make you feel so comfortable in just few and simple moves.