In the words of Will Rogers, “You never get a second chance at a first impression.” Your clothes and your mannerisms are the first things that people see about you. Often they will make judgments with just this little bit of information. A purple suit can be a prime piece in your wardrobe and be worn as a loud statement or as a conventional and conservative outfit.

On April 11, 2012, Robert Downey Jr. wore a debonair purple suit on the red carpet at “The Avengers” premiere in Los Angeles. A striking contrast to the red carpet, Mr. Downey did not need this to stand out in a crowd, but he chose this suit well, and wore it well.

new mens high fashion 4-button deep dark purple jacket

The mens purple suit can be found in many various shades and styles. But the actual reason for going with the outstanding color should help to motivate your decisions on style as well.  The darker or deeper mens purple suit can be a part of successful business attire that will be able to do double duty at many evening parties. Just as a woman can wear the standard “little black dress” to the office and then wear it to a cocktail party, the men’s purple suit can be morphed in the same way. With a few accessory changes, this fashion choice can make an outstanding statement at the office and then make a completely different and also outstanding statement on the dance floor.

mens two button best purple suit

What to Wear With the Purple Suit Jacket

The purple suit jacket is something for everyone to consider having in their wardrobe lineup.  Worn with muted, mild colors, it is serious and bold. Worn with wilder prints or brighter colors, it can be whimsical and fun. The purple suit jacket worn by women can go with a dark or light skirt, the right shorts or dress slacks.  The purple suit jacket worn by men can be worn with light pants, dark pants, or in some cases even shorts.

fashionable 1-button tuxedo purple classic zoot suit

The Zoot Suit

Probably most iconic from the pop culture and in movies the purple zoot suit puts us in memory of the “Joker” the “Batman” character and is often paired successfully with bright and even neon greens. The Zoot suit began its trend in the 1930s and enjoyed popularity throughout the 1940s.

But Downey fans can be glad that he did not choose to wear a purple Zoot suit to the Los Angeles premiere as it is illegal to wear a zoot suit in Los Angeles. It has to do with a group of sailors, and the Pachuco subculture and war time rations. The U.S. War Production Board attempted to ration and reduce the amount of fabrics by 26% in everyday clothing. But characteristically the Zoot suit requires an exorbitant amount of fabric. The Mexican American youth who were part of the Pachuco subculture had to turn to the black market to continue to wear this iconic attire. This flagrant disregard for the war effort was an affront to navy men on leave in Los Angeles. On June 3, 1943, the zoot suit riots ensued. 

bright glossy two-buttoon vested shiny flashy metallic purple satin

And now you know. You can wear your purple suit with pride, and look in the mirror and be comforted by the fact that you are making a new and modern statement of solidarity and self-assurance at anyone’s first glance.