The Eden heater is produced by US based company Affordable Heating LLC. The company also sells Eden pure heaters and Suntwin products. Both products are exclusive to Affordable Heating.

The Eden heater is an infrared heating unit which is offered in a variety of sizes and styles. These heaters pride themselves on producing high quality heating units and offering their customers first rate knowledge of the products on sale through the website.  The company sells its products on line and ships them to your door for free, using the reputable FedEx method of shipping.

premuim type eden heater

Eden provides dedicated customer support via their internet website, and also via the telephone. This support includes customer advisors who can answer your pre purchase questions, as well as a focused post purchase department for all those aftercare queries.

Eden sells their heaters with a 5 year warranty. In addition, you can select a range of packages to suit you once this 5 year period had ended. It is also possible to purchase replacement parts should they ever be needed!

long lasting infrared eden heater

How the Eden heater works

The Eden heater works via infrared technology, it is manufactured using advanced technology with the latest quartz elements. The heating units draw air in from behind the unit which is then circulated out through the front. The air is said to feel soft and gently warms up the area where the unit is placed.

Customers claim to like the benefits the Eden heater has to offers which are:

  • Cool to touch, safe for young children
  • Available in range of sizes according to the room size
  • Available in range of colors and housings
  • Saves on bills, cheap to maintain
  • Good quality construction, does not rust
  • Warms the floor around the unit
  • Easy to use

 heavy duty durable eden heater

Eden heater reviews

There are numerous Eden heater consumer reports available to browse through. Many of the Eden heater reviews online are positive, giving the heating units top marks for efficiency and quality.

If you want pure Eden heater reviews, they are available on the Eden website. The website also offers the unique opportunity to call up and hear genuine customers talking about their purchases!

Testimonials from those who use the Eden heaters say the heater has saved them money on energy bills. Others comment on how they heat up fast, making them ideal for the elderly to use. Customers with young children also comment on how they do not get hot like some heaters, making them safer for children to get near.

edenpure quartz infrared portable heater

There are a number of similar products available, both online and from dedicated heating suppliers. Some of these may be offered at a lower price to Eden heaters. Dr Heater, Lifesmart, Solarflare and Duraflame, all offer similar models based around the same type of infrared heating technology.

Eden heaters claim to be one of the best quality heaters on the market. Their customers’ state they are satisfied with the products and would recommend it to their friends and relatives.