No matter how reliable your car battery may be, there will still come a time when you need to replace it, especially when it gets old or drained unintentionally when your vehicle’s electrical components are left on.

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Helpful Guidelines for Buying Car Batteries

A dead battery can give you a lot of problems, most specifically when you are in the middle of the road or you are unable to find the jumper wires. Of course, you won’t want this to happen to you. Here are the guidelines on buying batteries the next time you need a car battery replacement.

  • Size – Obviously, you need to buy a car battery that perfectly fits your vehicle. If you are unsure what size of battery your vehicle requires, consult your car manual or the expert in the auto store.
  • Climate – How you choose your car battery should also depend on the climate of your current location. If you happen to live in a cold place, make sure to get the one that has sufficient car battery voltage to keep the car going. There are also batteries made for extremely cold regions, as well as units that work well on extreme heat. If you want to know which batteries are reliable, then you should see the list of consumer reports.
  • Life Span – This is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a car battery. To determine which batteries last longer, check the list of the battery’s lifespan from the manufacturer.
  • Reserve Capacity – Aside from the factors above, you should also find out how long the car battery will run in case it gets empty and not recharged immediately.
  • Shelf Life – Ideally, a buyer must choose a car battery that has not been on the store’s shelf for over 6 months. To know how long it has been sitting there, check the battery’s shipping date.
  • Warranty and Price – In most cases, a car battery’s warranty comes in two types: the months the battery is backed by the warranty and the free replacement period. Generally, going for the ones with reasonable car battery prices and a longer free replacement period is highly recommended.
  • Handle – Buying a car battery with handle is essential, especially if you plan to install it by yourself.

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Based from the guidelines above, you can now choose the right car battery for your vehicle. However, if you want to avoid your battery being drained again, then you should consider buying a 24 volt battery charger. Made to enhance the life and performance of batteries, this charger is definitely a device that you can rely on.