Every dog owner wants the best for their dogs. They want to ensure that the puppies are at their best state. Which is why, it is vital that these canine pets be given all the basic health care needs that will be essential for their overall well-being.

To give you an overview on how to ensure your puppy’s good health, here are some tips that will help you keep your pets at their best state:

Tips on Taking Care of Puppies

1) Do a Background Check on the History of Your Puppy

  • This is essential because most dogs often get disorders that came from their parents. Knowing the health conditions of his or her parents, will pre-empt you on what your puppy is susceptible to, thus helping you be more cautious.

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  • There are also certain breeds of puppies that are prone to certain types of diseases. Being educated on what these diseases are, will let you know what vaccines should be given to your puppies.

  • Also, most allergies they have can also be connected with what breed they are. Some dogs should not be given too much meat, as it may cause problems in their digestive tract. Allergies can also be hereditary, so knowing where your dogs came from can help you detect ahead which food to not give them.

  • Knowing your dog’s history will also help you be more aware and prepared for possible health problems that it might encounter in the future.

2) Puppy dental care

  • It is typical for puppies to undergo teething—the phase wherein they lose their teeth. Usually, this happens when they are around 3-4 months old.

  • At this phase, you should not be surprised if your puppy will start on chewing just about anything it sees. Whether it be your shoes or your beloved designer bag, nothing is safe from your puppy. They usually do this since the new teeth is trying to break out, which causes them extreme discomfort.

  • Instead of throwing blames on them, you can help them go through this phase easier by giving them toys that they can chew on to keep their new teeth in top shape. To help ease the pain, a frozen carrot will be the best solution!

3) Flea treatment

Isn’t it annoying to find fleas bombarding your dog’s fur? Most owners will go to great measures in eradicating fleas from dogs. However, this can turn out to be a wild goose chase, for it is really typical and natural for dogs to have fleas because of their nature and skin’s susceptibility to it.

  • To help your dog in getting rid of it, you can ask your local and trusted vet about certain procedures or products that can help abolish pets.

  • You can also check the Web, books, or magazines, on tips on how to lessen the chances of your dog getting fleas all over them. It is important to be educated on these areas since it will not only benefit you, but also your dog.

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Starting on Puppy Training

After seeing to it that your puppy is in tiptop shape, you can now proceed in overlooking its training. Starting on one can really be a tedious task, however, when all is done, you can’t help but feel great for finally taming your puppy and teaching him tricks. A puppia dog harness is a great tool that can also help you in the first stages of puppy training.

  • In doing your training, it is best to train your pet and integrate reward system in it. Puppies respond well to something they can get gratification after.

  • Also, it is important to be cautious and gentle with them. Training takes time, so you need to be very careful as their training will be the foundation on how they would end up as pets.

  • Be in contact with your pup. Building on this relationship will truly be rewarding for the both of you.