Boxing is a very popular and exciting game. Yet, you need to take certain protective measures while indulging in the act. Using good-quality boxing hand wraps will not only save your hands from getting hurt or sprains, but also highly recommended as they are effective to provide necessary protection from getting your hands permanently damaged.

Since boxing is a highly dangerous sport, which involves punches and defense with the hands, it is essential to use certain gears that would protect your hands, especially the finger joints and the wrists. Since these are among a few delicate parts of the body, consisting of comparatively soft bones and tendons, they need proper care. Otherwise, any wrong or hard blow might result in grievous injury resulting in permanent damage to the hand.

The hand wraps boxing gear are therefore very essential as they are used to protect the delicate bones, tendons and the tissues of the hand. In addition to this, they also provide support to the wrist and the thumb, while strengthening the fists, thereby giving more strength to the hands.

super protective boxing hand wraps

Uses of boxing hand wraps and techniques of using them

The hand wraps are used widely to protect the hands while performing in sports such as boxing, kickboxing or even cardio kickboxing.  The hand wraps are used as an additional protection, provided with the boxing gloves. There are varieties of hand wraps that are used for different sports. Even the varieties used by men and women differ from each other. Some of the activities where these boxing hands wraps are commonly used are as follows:

  • Training of anaerobic activities and sports
  • Defense drills
  • Fighters of the millennium
  • Strength and power training

However, it is definitely necessary to learn how to tie boxing hand wraps. The hand wraps should be wrapped tightly to provide a better protection to the knuckles and the wrist. Try to maintain proper tightness. Do not wrap the boxing hand wraps very tightly. Otherwise, it might block the free circulation of the blood, resulting in inflicting further grievous injuries.

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Maintaining the hand wraps

Maintaining these hands wraps might become somewhat hectic, but using the hand wrap wash bag will definitely ease your tension. Just tuck your hand wraps in the wash bag and place it in your washing machine. The mesh bag will prevent your hand wraps from being tangled with your washing machine or mix up with other clothes. You should wash the colored boxing hand wraps separately; otherwise your clothes might catch the colors from your hand wrap and get defaced.

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Popular brands of boxing hand wraps

It is always vital to use good quality hand wraps while taking part in dangerous sports. Some of the popular brands are mentioned as follows:

  • Everlast Professional Handwraps
  • Rival cotton Hand Wraps
  • Shock Wave Cotton Hand Wraps
  • Ringside Cotton Standard Boxing Hand Wraps

above standard revgear gel hand wraps

Apart from these, there are also several other boxing hand wraps available in the market. However, among the best boxing hand wraps, you should choose the one that would meet your needs.