Have you felt pain on your lower back after sitting for a long period of time? Have you ever thought about proper seating posture? Maybe because you felt such pain because you are not aware of the postures you must have while sitting. You have to be aware of the habits of sitting properly, so, the next time you sit for a long period of time, you won’t feel pain and back stiffness.

The Right Posture for Sitting

learn the proper seating posture

Here are some proper seating posture techniques you can imply:

1.)    Slumping or slouching is a big no-no

Your tailbone must be snug on the back of the chair and your back flat at the back of the chair in a forward position. If you are going to lean forward, make sure that your head, pelvis, and chest are parallel with one another.

2.)    Relaxation

While you are working, it is normal that you can feel uptight and tense. Because of this, you will be much overworked and the muscles of the shoulder, neck and back tightened. Just for a while try to relax to let your muscles put in a natural and calm position.

3.)    Try doing cross-legs positions

Although this position is not encouraged by the proper seating posture, they are beneficial when it comes to giving comfort and stabilizing your body. But, do not stay for too long in one cross-legged position. You can change each position when you can feel discomfort.

4.)    Often change position

One of the causes that your neck, back and shoulder have pains because of the lack of movement or no movement at all while seating. Try to change your position and have a few exercises on your chair just to lessen the tensions of your muscles.

5.)    Sit on a chair that gives ergonomic posture

Sit on a chair where your back posture is supported. One of the best chairs is one that is adjustable, which allow a person to control the height of the seat and with forward and backward tilt.

6.)    Have lumbar support

If the ergonomic chair is not available, have a chair that is not soft because your pelvis might sink into the chair. You might feel that you are on the chair not into it.

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Here are the proper seating posture methods you need in order to avoid backache after a long period of sitting while working. When you are working in an office, steelcase chairs are ideal for you to sit on in order to ensure comfort and less back pains.