Some people are clueless when it comes to what to wear when running. They through on an old t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants and take off. They do not realize that it actually requires a little bit of thought to properly dress for running. There are some different things that need to be factored into your choices.

what to wear when running on winter

Are you jogging, doing cross country or long distance running? These are questions that need to be asked when you are trying to decide what to wear. The next thing to take into consideration when deciding what to wear when running is what is the temperature like? Is it hot outside or cold? This should affect the choice you make when you get dressed.

On Choosing Running Shoes


When it comes to footwear this is one of the most important parts of your running outfit. Obviously, you only want to wear tennis shoes as you would not go running in sandals.

  • You need a pair of shoes that will support your feet which means shoes that you have had a couple years would not be ideal.
  • They need to support your foot, and they need to fit properly.  Try a few different types of running shoes to see which one is the best for you.


  • If you are a female you want to make sure that you wear a sports bra that fits and that supports your chest meaning, it does not move. This will help prevent injury and make sure you are comfortable when you run.
  • It is important to wear loose fitted clothes that do not constrict, and that you can easily move in. Make sure that they are not so loose that you trip over them though, you do not want to take a spill during your run.

what to wear when running on hot weather

Weather Appropriate Gear

Cold Weather

If it is cold out you are going to need sweat pants that keep your legs warm and comfortable. You should layer so that if you do happen to get hot while you are running you can just peel off a layer and still be okay. It is better to wear more than you need when it is cold than not enough.

Moderate to Hot Weather

If it is not that cold out, then a lightweight pair of pants will do fine with a t-shirt. If it is really hot outside then you will be able to wear a lightweight cotton pair of shorts and a t-shirt or tank top. Follow these basic guidelines and you should know exactly what to wear when running.