Cycling apparel is an investment. It ranges from cycling jerseys, cycling pants, cycling shorts, jackets etc. Whether you buy custom cycling apparel or ready-made cycling apparel, make sure to avoid damaging the synthetic material or unwanted odor. Take good care of it for longer usage. On how long they will last depend on how good you take care of it.

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Tips On Handling Cycling Apparel

  • Do not wear your cycling apparel like your cycling pants, jersey or shorts several times in between washes. Most especially if the clothes were only used for several hours and not too much sweat were produced. The stink will settle and layered in to the material. Once you wear it again, the stink will even be amplified. Using cycling pants and shorts for several days without washing can lead to rashes.
  • Wash your cycling apparel right away. If time won’t permit you, hang your clothes out where they can air dry at the very least. By doing so, your clothes will not stink and the bacteria will not be embedded deeply in the material. By air drying, air will circulate around the clothes dissipating the odor. These steps will help laundering to be easy.
  • Normal detergents can remove the odor from your apparel. For lingering stink, there are special detergents used in removing the stink and odor that can’t be eliminated by standard detergents. Washers or washing machines with a combination of tumble and soak cycles are more effective for cleaning.
  • Do you know that 70% isopropyl alcohol help in fighting off stinky smells? It is a prewash treatment which kills fermenting bacteria that causes the odor. Just spray it on the smelly parts then allow evaporation to happen. Though this does not usually cause any problem, check first for colorfastness by spraying the alcohol on hidden parts of the cycling clothes.
  • White vinegar can also be used to wash out foul odors. Use this occasionally. On the first use, there might be residual vinegar smell.
  • After washing your cycling apparel, take them out and hang them dry. There are lots of fibers from wool to synthetic that are not compatible with a dryer. Elastics on waist may be damaged or wool may shrink. There are several types of synthetics that dry quickly.

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Top Brands

The top cycling apparel and well known brands that have already carved their name in the cycling industry are:

  • Assos   
  • Castelli                  
  • Bellwether         
  • Capo    
  • Descente             
  • Giordana
  • GORE BIKE Wear               
  • Hincapie Sportswear    
  •  Louis Garneau                  
  • Mt. Borah            
  • SKINS   
  •  Showers Pass

Go online and check various cycling apparel clearance to avail of affordable cycling apparel without sacrificing its quality. Since spring is in the air and summer is just around the corner, various manufacturers will discount cycling apparel. Make sure to check the quality of apparel you are planning to buy. Invest on it and handle it with care.