Most people wonder what the proper gym wear is since there are so many apparels that have been worn to the gym over time. However, there is some type of wear that is recommended to people who are attending gym sessions so that they can be adequately comfortable during their exercise sessions. Basically, the proper gym wear involves solely athletic attires, thus a t-shirt, sports shoes and shorts are just about enough. However, one has to get these various pieces of the attire right or else you may be in shorts or a t-shirt that is inappropriate for the gym.

The Proper Gym Wear

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Proper gym wear can be broadly divided into four broad categories. There are specific garments that would be most appropriate when worn to the gym for each of these categories. These are:

  • Foot Wear – To start with, the most suitable footwear is any sports shoes with the exception of soccer and golf shoes. Running shoes are preferred as they are very comfortable thus they do not interfere with the activities of the wearer. However, some activities like basketball and squash may require the special court shoes. You should never wear sandals or flip-flops to the gym. Neither should you wear heavy boots or even go there barefoot.
  • Lower Body Wear The proper gym wear for the lower body is majorly the shorts. However, some people who are not comfortable wearing shorts can opt for track pants. The point that should be observed basically requires you to be in light and comfortable attire for the lower body. The most inappropriate attire that could be worn over the lower body is any jeans fabric as it may hinder you from performing your workouts to the desired level. However, you should also be keen on the type of short you choose as some may attract unwanted attention in the gym or even be uncomfortable during your work out.
  • Upper Body Wear – The universal proper gym wear for the upper body is a t-shirt. Since there are many different types of t-shirts that are available in the market, dry-fit materials are preferred since one is bound to sweat during their work out sessions. This material should keep you dry regardless of how much you sweat during the activities. Whether the t-shirt is an athletic tank top for females, a sleeveless t-shirt or a basketball jersey for men, you should be comfortable in it. In most cases, fitting t-shirts are preferable over loose ones.
  • Head Gear – The appropriate head gear for the gym is a headband for people who have long hair. Those who have short or trimmed hair should wear absolutely nothing on their head as this may cause them discomfort as they progress with their activities. Wearing bandanas, toques and goggles may prove to be quite a bother to the person wearing them during the exercise.

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The fun of the workout sessions lies in simplicity. The full proper gym wear can be found in stores that deal with different gears like the LSU gear. Shop and be in your proper gym wear to be comfortable and efficient while doing your gym sessions.