Taking good care of your feet is important to help you remain comfortable and prevent future problems. There are some problems that can occur later on if you wear ill fitting shoes or do not take proper care of your feet. You will feel better about wearing open toed shoes or going barefoot, if you take care of your feet.

proper foot care tips for baby

The following are some proper foot care tips that you can implement.

Good Circulation

  • Make sure that you keep the circulation going in your feet to prevent uncomfortable stiffness or other problems.
  • You can do this by propping your feet up when you sit or lie down, or stretching after you have been sitting for a long time.
  • Walking is another good way to keep your feet well circulated and also helps you get needed exercise.
  • A nice ten minute massage on each foot will get the circulation going, so hit up your partner.

Make Sure Your Shoe Fits

  • To make sure that you are getting shoes that fit right, you are going to need to have your feet measured. The best time for this is at the end of the day when your feet are bigger from the day.
  • It is important to note that one of your feet may be larger than the other one. This is a common occurrence and is easy to accommodate with different sized shoes.
  • That being said, just because a shoe says it is your size does not mean it will fit properly. You should always go by the way they feel on your feet. This means they should not slip when you move and they should not feel too tight.
  • Walk around in them and if they do not feel comfortable, move on. You should never buy a pair of shoes thinking that they will stretch or you can break them in. That is almost never true, they need to be comfortable from the beginning.

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Pamper Them

  • It is good to keep your feet pampered. You should soak them and file them to remove dead skin.
  • Trim the toe nails and paint them.
  • Make sure that you lotion your feet. A good way to really soften your feet is to put lotion on them and then wear cotton socks all night so the lotion heats up and sinks in.
  • Using a good foot cream will keep your feet from getting dry and your heels from cracking.