Proper care of contact lenses is vital for lens longevity and eye safety. If you wear prescription contact lenses, your doctor has probably given you instructions and explained how to take proper care of contact lenses. If you wear contact lenses for fashion such as yellow contacts, red contacts and designer contacts, then you really need to learn how to take care of your contact lenses.

What You Need to Know About Color Lenses

Soft contact lenses are preferred by most people because they are more comfortable than hard contact lenses. They are less expensive and come in a variety of colors. When it comes to fashion and special effects contact lenses, soft lenses are often the best choice. On the other hand, hard contacts have some benefits. They are also know as RGP (rigid and gas-permeable) which means they “let your eyes breathe” helping in the maintenance of the health of the eyes. Proper care of contact lenses is easier with hard contacts.

Instructions for Proper Care of Contact Lenses

It doesn’t matter if you get hard, soft, yellow or blue contact lenses since they all need the same type of care. Follow these instructions to take care of your contacts.

  • Wash hands to prevent bacteria from getting on the lens.
  • When putting on the contact lenses, avoid touching eyes to avoid infection.
  • When removing the contact lenses, rinse the lens with specialized multi-purpose contact solution to clean the lenses.
  • Store in sealed container filled with a fresh specialized multi-purpose solution for disinfection purposes.
  • Before placing the lenses on the eyes, rinse the contacts with solution then place two or three drops of the solution on the palm of the hand. Place the contact on the wetted spot and gently rub it with your index finger to further disinfect preventing bacteria from getting in to the eye.
  • Dispose the contacts when instructed generally within one year, but some may be sooner.

Learning the proper care of contact lenses is the easy part. The hard part is what you should not do.

  • Some people will wet their contacts in their mouth. This is an extremely bad idea and should never be done. By doing this, you are exposing your eye to germs from the mouth.
  • Also, avoid using tap water on your contacts.
  • Something else that must be avoided at all costs is using your nails to take the contact lens out of the eye. If you do this, you may scratch the cornea or damage the contact lens. You will be forced to throw away any ripped, nicked or torn lens.

Colored Contact Lens Styles

fab yellow contacts

The fashion contact lens industry is expanding faster than ever. Every year, more and more styles are available. You can’t only change the color of your eye but you can also get them with any type of shapes and designs. Get red contacts to have a vampire look. If you want to make your eyes yellow, you might want to get yellow contacts. Choose ones with black slits to make you look like a cat or with swirls that make your eyes look like a vortex which no one can resist. Now that you understand the difference between hard and soft lenses and how to care for them, be creative and have some fun with contact lenses!